Minimal activity on Little Chena River Fire

Picture of Fairbanks Area Forestry dozer carrying an ATV, plus two Forestry trucks.
Fairbanks Area Forestry trucks, and dozer W/ATV on the Little Chena River Fire. Photo by Fairbanks Area Forestry IC Ernest Prax 7/10/22

Morning precipitation, plus a dense layer of smoke and cloud cover yesterday, contributed to lower fire activity on the Little Chena River Fire (#499). The interior of the fire has some active pockets of fire; however, the perimeter continues to see lower levels of burning along the flanks.  

Fairbanks Area Forestry Incident Commander Ernest Prax welcomed the addition of the Mad River Hotshots to augment local Fairbanks Forestry firefighters and the Blue Mountain Hotshots. Additionally, the Lewis & Clark and Chief Mountain Hotshot crews are helping the Fairbanks team to get a jumpstart on the projects for today.    

Today’s plan is to construct saw line and set up pumps and hoses up the steep terrain to get water all the way up to the top of the ridge. Establishing a water supply will help crews protect the fire line along the flanks if thunderstorm outflow winds gust once again and encourage greater fire activity.  

The fire remains approximately 11 miles northeast of the Fort Knox mine.  The current estimate of 33 acres is expected to be adjusted once aerial resources can fly and map the perimeter.  

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