Limited activity on Little Chena River Fire; pockets of heat remain

Photo shows a mixture of burned areas and green vegetation on a steep hillside which slopes up from left to right. A small amount of smoke from heat spots are visible.
Steep terrain on the Little Chena River Fire (#499). Photo by Forestry Area Fairbanks IC Ernest Prax (July 13, 2022)

Moderating weather continues to have a dampening effect on fire behavior across most of the Little Chena River Fire (#499). Minor precipitation fell yesterday morning, although not enough rainfall has been received to soak into the thick duff layer.

Temperatures were cooler yesterday, however crews are still finding areas of heat, especially along the perimeter. Air resources saw limited action as foggy conditions reduced the visibility needed to safely conduct air operations.

The Crane Valley Hotshot crew arrived yesterday evening and will provide additional support across the 122 acres of steep hillsides and muddy terrain. Crews are working to cut saw lines to create a buffer zone along the perimeter. More portable water tanks are being added to provide a consistent and reliable water source for the 4 miles of hose lays across the fire.

Progress continues each day to achieve the overall objective of securing the fire. The lightning caused fire is11 miles northeast of the Fort Knox mine, and 11 miles north of Two Rivers.

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