Containment increases on Little Chena River Fire

Photo of lightly burning vegetation. Terrain slopes upwards on the right side of the photo. A stand of tall trees in the background,
Small pockets of unburnt fuels on the Little Chena River Fire (#499). Photo by IC Ernest Prax.

Hard work by crews on the ground, with support from the air plus cooler weather have contributed towards achieving 30% containment on the Little Chena River Fire (#499). Crews have now mopped up at least 50 feet into the burned area from the outer edge of the fire.

Firefighters are working to break apart dozer berms and clear areas where trees have fallen so any rainfall is better able to permeate all areas of the fire. Hot spots and smoldering pockets of unburnt fuels remain in the interior portions of the fire.

The availability of aerial support will in part be determined by cloud conditions and associated visibility levels. The ability of helicopters to fly factor into the decision-making process that determine where crews can safely work. Steep terrain and muddy roads create a real challenge for pickups and off-road vehicles to gain access to portions of the fire ground. Safety of the public and firefighters is the number one priority on every incident.

The lightning caused fire is 11 miles northeast of the Fort Knox mine, and 11 miles north of Two Rivers.

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