Rainy weather pattern continues on Little Chena River Fire

Nearest to the camera is an orange "bucket" used to hold hundreds of gallons of water that is dropped on the fire ground. On the right side of the pic are two wildland personnel, and in the back left of the photo is a stationary helicopter black in color,
A helicopter and orange bucket is readied for action by Forestry personnel. Photo by IC Ernest Prax.

Rain overnight and light showers throughout the day kept fire behavior minimal Saturday on the Little Chena River Fire (#499). Rain and moderate temperatures work together to keep the relative humidity (RH) at higher levels. Higher RH moderates fire behavior, allowing firefighters to safely work within the fire perimeter.

Even with measurable amounts of precipitation in most areas, crews are finding places where vegetation is dry, such as under a large stand of trees. This is evidence rain has not been substantial enough to reach all the way to the ground and soak into the dry, thick duff layers.

Crews continue to work into the burned area from the perimeter edge and comb through burned areas to extinguish any hot spots located. Division of Forestry, Fairbanks Area Forestry IC Ernest Prax indicates the fire is 40% contained.

The lightning caused fire is 11 miles northeast of the Fort Knox mine, and 11 miles north of Two Rivers.

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