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Firefighters enhance fuel break along Elliott Highway – Hess Creek Fire Update 7/18/19

Aerial footage of the two hot spots across the Elliott Highway A type 3 team from Wyoming will begin arriving in Fairbanks over the next few days to replace the Southern Idaho team, which finishes their 14-day assignment on Saturday. The Wyoming team will attend an orientation with the Alaska Fire Service today and begin […]

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Kobe Fire south of Anderson now 20 percent contained

Rain on Tuesday and cloudy, cooler weather on Wednesday benefitted firefighters working on containment of the 1,300-acre Kobe Fire smoldering a couple miles west of the Parks Highway near milepost 275. The fire was 20 percent contained as of Wednesday night, according to the Alaska Division of Forestry. The cooler, wetter weather enabled firefighters to […]

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A Blackhawk helicopter from the Alaska Army National Guard hauls a bucket of water to drop on the Rainbow 2 Fire on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. Photo by Mike Goyette/Alaska Division of Forestry

Rainbow 2 Fire update July 17: Rain aids firefighters’ containment efforts

Firefighters remain focused on preventing the Rainbow 2 Fire from reaching recreational cabins on Clear Creek northwest of Delta Junction. Mother Nature provided some assistance on Tuesday in the form of light precipitation that fell over the fire, which helped bolster containment and mop-up operations. The Rainbow 2 Fire, which was started by lightning on […]

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Nugget Creek Fire July 17 update: Rain on Tuesday slows fire growth

The Nugget Creek Fire (#323) received rain over the fire area yesterday morning (July 16), slowing fire growth. The fire is approximately 19,000 acres with growth occurring mainly on the south and east flank, away from Chena River and Chena Hot Springs Road. Moderate fire behavior was observed on Tuesday but personnel monitoring the fire […]

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Saw line completed along Cleary Creek drainage – Hess Creek Fire update 7/17/19

Crews made excellent progress placing saw line from the Elliott Highway north to the Cleary Creek drainage to tie into an already burned area of the #HessCreekFire. This line will provide a solid anchor point to begin firing operations should firefighters need to conduct burnout operations along the Elliott Highway. Today, crews will likely begin […]

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Winds challenge firefighters putting in containment line on Kobe Fire

Erratic winds from afternoon thunderstorms are posing a challenge to firefighters trying to construct a containment line around the Kobe Fire a couple miles west of the Parks Highway near Mile 275. On Monday, wind-driven embers sparked multiple spot fires outside the containment line on the north side of the fire. Firefighters acted quickly to […]

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This picture of the Rainbow 2 Fire northwest of Delta Junction was taken from the Delta Logging Road on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The fire cwas pushed north across the logging road on Thursday by strong winds. Photo by Mike Goyette/Alaska Division of Forestry

Crews working to keep Rainbow 2 Fire south of Richardson Clearwater

The Rainbow 2 Fire northwest of Delta Junction continues to hold on the south edge of Clear Creek and south of the Richardson Clearwater River community, where there are numerous recreational cabins. A reconnaissance flight using infrared technology on Monday revealed some fire activity on the southern end of the east flank where the fire […]

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Nugget Creek Fire creeps up to 19,000 acres with new growth to south and east

The Nugget Creek Fire (#323) has grown to approximately 19,000 acres based on a flight taken over the fire on Monday, July 15, according to the Alaska Division of Forestry. That’s an increase of about 3,000 acres since the fire was last mapped on July 9. Most of the new growth has occurred gradually on […]

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Crews to start saw line operations up Cleary Creek Drainage – Hess Creek Fire Update 7/16/19

Firefighters continue to actively monitor weather patterns to prepare for an increase in fire activity on the #HessCreekFire should warmer weather occur. Higher humidity and lower temperatures are limiting fire spread. However, because black spruce needles and branches are highly resinous and usually distributed continuously from ground to treetop, they ignite and burn easily. Black […]

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A map showing the location and perimeter of the 1,041-acre Kobe Fire south of the town of Anderson.

Crews, dozers still punching in containment line around Kobe Fire

Firefighters have nearly completed a preliminary containment line around the 1,041-acre perimeter of the Kobe Fire south of the Denali Borough community of Anderson on Sunday. The containment line will be a combination of dozer line and saw line cut by firefighters with chainsaws. It should be complete by the end of shift today. Firefighters […]

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