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Map showing the Native allotment where the Chandalar River Fire spotted within a Native allotment Friday.

Smokejumpers respond to contain spot fire from Chandalar River Fire near Venetie

Sept. 6, 2019 Four smokejumpers quickly responded Friday afternoon to contain a small fire that spotted across a control line protecting a Native allotment from the long-burning Chandalar River Fire west of Venetie. Smokejumpers anticipate containing the 30-by-30 foot fire by the end of shift Friday night. It was reported as smoldering in white spruce […]

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FINAL VIDEO UPDATE: Chalkyitsik and Cornucopia Complexes Summary of the 2019 Upper Yukon Flats Fire

FINAL VIDEO UPDATE: Chalkyitsik and Cornucopia Complexes Summary of the 2019 Upper Yukon Flats Fire

Watch the season wrap up for the Chalkyitsik and Cornucopia Complexes. This twelve minute wide ranging summary brings you to the front lines. Chalkyitsik/Cornucopia Fire YouTube videos: https://bit.ly/2K5TW6h and the BLM Alaska YouTube Channel. In mid-July storms passed through the Yukon Flats with thousands of lightning strikes. Drought conditions left the trees and duff layer very […]

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Village of Chalkyitsik, Alaska August 8th 2019

Video Update For for All Fires in the Upper Yukon Area Covering August 8-11, 2019

Watch this 5 minute video update on the status of the fire suppression, mop up and back haul for all of the fires in the Cornucopia and Chalkyitsik Complexes with Operations Chief Karen Scholl and Information Officer Kale Casey. This video is a part of our “Break it Down” series, where we bring you the […]

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Chalkyitsik Complex: Team transition with the incoming Alaska Type 2 Black Team

The Alaska Type 2 Green Team on the Chalkyitsik Complex and the National Incident Management Team on the Cornucopia Complex are briefing the incoming Alaska Type 2 Black Team with Incident Commander Ed Sanford today. Future updates will incorporate daily management actions from both fire complexes. Incident Commander Norm McDonald of the Alaska Type 2 […]

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CORNUCOPIA COMPLEX -Update for August 1, 2019

Backhaul has begun in earnest on the Cornucopia Complex. Firefighters are working to pack up equipment like hose, fittings, sprinklers and pumps, as well as miscellaneous items like trash and food boxes, and get it all sent back to Fairbanks before predicted, rainy weather. Once returned, equipment is cleaned and refurbished for the next fire. […]

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Firefighters remove equipment and garbage on July 27, 2019 from the Hadweenzic River Fire after it no longer needed.

Firefighters continue to hold and improve lines on Conucopia Complex fires

Beaver, Alaska – Firefighters continued the same work on Tuesday as they have for the last few days – holding and improving line already built and watching for opportunities to conduct burnout operations on Conucopia Complex fires. Burnouts remove fuel like timber and brush ahead of the fire to reduce the likelihood it will advance […]

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Members of the Union Hotshots from La Grande, Oregon, make a water crossing while fighting the Chandalar River Fire near Venetie, Alaska. CREDIT: Union Hotshots

Cornucopia Complex Update for July 26

Smoke and increased humidity on the Cornucopia Complex, north of Beaver, Alaska, prevented firefighters from carrying out any of the planned burnouts yesterday. Crews continue to improve lines they have put in place to protect structures and allotments on all staffed fires in the complex. Wind speed and direction, along with fuel moistures are key […]

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An overview map of the fires in the Cornucopia Complex for July 25, 2019.

Cornucopia Complex Fire Update for July 25

Wind and smoke were the driving forces behind the Cornucopia Complex, north of Beaver, Alaska, on Wednesday. Wind is determining whether burnout operations in three areas will happen. Smoke is impacting the movement of firefighters and supplies, on and off the line.   East winds 5 to 15 mph, temperatures in the 80’s and humidity at […]

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Cornucopia Complex Fire Update

All of the fires in the Cornucopia Complex were active yesterday but no significant movement was seen. Nearly all air operations were shut down because smoke made flying unsafe. Acreage on the fires listed below has not changed as the fires could not be flown and remapped due to smoke. Weather on the Cornucopia Complex […]

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Smoke over forest fire.

Aerial firing started in the Cornucopia Complex

The National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) Operations Section Chief Russ Long says aerial firing was started and then postponed earlier today on the west side of the Hadweenzic River Fire (#337), but began again about 5:00 pm as weather conditions cooperated. The burnout is intended to remove fuel between the main fire and a bible […]

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