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Fairbanks Area Wildfire Update July 27: Rain helps calm fires

Firefighters working to contain several wildfires in the Fairbanks Area got a helping hand from Mother Nature on Friday in the form of much-needed, widespread rain that helped subdue fire behavior. While the rain that fell overnight Thursday and much of Friday isn’t enough to be considered a “season-ending event,” it should assist firefighters who […]

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Nearly 60 firefighters attacking wildfire on Teklanika River southwest of Fairbanks

The Fairbanks Area Forestry office mobilized approximately 40 additional firefighters on Tuesday to assist in attacking a wildfire burning along the Teklanika River southwest of Fairbanks. The Teklanika Fire (#651) is located on the east bank of the Teklanika River approximately 70 miles southwest of Fairbanks and 12 miles west of the Parks Highway near […]

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Kobe Fire south of Anderson now 40 percent contained

Firefighters continue making headway in containing the Kobe Fire burning about 10 miles south of the community of Anderson just west of the Parks Highway near Mile 275. The latest estimate puts the fire at 896 acres, a reduction of about 150 acres as a result of more accurate mapping. The fire is 40 percent […]

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Winds challenge firefighters putting in containment line on Kobe Fire

Erratic winds from afternoon thunderstorms are posing a challenge to firefighters trying to construct a containment line around the Kobe Fire a couple miles west of the Parks Highway near Mile 275. On Monday, wind-driven embers sparked multiple spot fires outside the containment line on the north side of the fire. Firefighters acted quickly to […]

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A map showing the location and perimeter of the 1,041-acre Kobe Fire south of the town of Anderson.

Crews, dozers still punching in containment line around Kobe Fire

Firefighters have nearly completed a preliminary containment line around the 1,041-acre perimeter of the Kobe Fire south of the Denali Borough community of Anderson on Sunday. The containment line will be a combination of dozer line and saw line cut by firefighters with chainsaws. It should be complete by the end of shift today. Firefighters […]

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Firefighters continue work to contain Kobe Fire near Anderson

Firefighters are continuing to construct containment line and mop up hot spots on the Kobe Fire south of the Denali Borough community of Anderson. Smoke in the area dissipated on Saturday and aircraft were able to perform a reconnaissance flight of the fire area. The fire was mapped at an estimated 1,135 acres, a slight […]

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An area burned in the Kobe Fire along Kobe Road as seen on Friday, July 12, 2019. Photo by Chris Noel/Denali Borough

Kobe Fire Update – July 13, 2019: Evacuation alerts reduced for town of Anderson, two subdivisions

Thanks to cooler, wetter weather and progress made by firefighters in containing a wildfire south of the Denali Borough community of Anderson, evacuation levels in areas around the fire have been reduced. The “Level 1: Ready” evacuation alert for the town of Anderson has been lifted while the “Level 2: Set” evacuation alert for the […]

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An area of black spruce that was burned in the Kobe Fire on Thursday night, July 11, 2019. Photo by Joe Chatfield

Cooler, wetter weather assists firefighters trying to tame 1,200-acre Kobe Fire

Firefighters began the process of building and plumbing containment lines around a 1,200-acre wildfire near the Denali Borough community of Anderson on Friday, just 16 hours after the fire forced the evacuation of two remote subdivisions west of the Parks Highway near Mile 275, about 85 miles south of Fairbanks. Thanks in part to cooler, […]

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A brush truck from the Anderson Volunteer Fire Department is parked along Kobe Ag Road near the Kobe Fire on Friday morning, July 12, 2019 as members of the White Mountain Type 2 Initial Attack Crew gear up to head to the fire after arriving Friday morning. Photo by Chief Scott Thompson/Anderson Volunteer Fire Department

Kobe Fire near Anderson estimated at 1,200 acres; light rain, cooler temps tempering fire behavior

Wildfire managers for the Alaska Division of Forestry on Friday morning were formulating a plan of attack for a wildfire that forced the evacuation of two remote subdivisions about 10 miles south of the community of Anderson Thursday night. The Kobe Fire was estimated at approximately 1,200 acres on Friday morning, an increase of 700 […]

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Map of Kobe Fire near Anderson on July 11, 2019.

Two subdivisions near Anderson evacuated due to wildfire; several residences threatened

Update 12:05 a.m. – This will be the final update of the evening. A wildfire approximately 10 miles southwest of the community of Anderson off the Parks Highway forced the evacuation of two remote subdivisions late Thursday night. Residents in Anderson were also told to be prepared to leave their homes on short notice. As of […]

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