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Southwest Area Fires updates, July 13

SOUTHWEST AREA FIRES July 13, 2015 WATCHED FIRES On Sunday, two detection flights monitored 28 of the 85 active fires in the Southwest management area. Generally, observed fires’ behaviors were moderate and not markedly changed from earlier monitoring overflights. Monitoring missions include mapping of fire perimeters. These updated maps provide current acres-burned information. As of […]

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Southwest Area Fire update, July 10

FIRE REPORT, SOUTHWEST AREA, July 10, 2015 Six crews are now “on fires” in the Southwest Area. More specifically, they are fighting several fires clustered on either side of the middle Kuskokwim River between Lower Kalskag and Chuathbaluk. Fire 229 -Whitefish Lake 1:   has been burning since May 31 to the south and east […]

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