Burn suspensions remain in place during critical fire weather

May 25, 1:00 p.m. — The Division of Forestry has issued a burn suspension and discourages outdoor burning fothe duration of the suspension. A fuels and fire behavior advisory has been issued for the Tanana Valley, Upper Yukon Valley and Copper River Basin. Early unseasonably warm and very dry weather along with critically dry fuels will support rapid fire spread. The smallest ember is capable of starting a fire with the potential to grow rapidly and be highly resistant to firefighting efforts. These concerns have prompted burn suspensions in all affected areas. A burn suspension means that there must not be any open burning of yard debris or lawns regardless of whether or not a burn permit has been acquired. Below are some important points to remember during periods of suspended burning.

CAMP FIRESMust be kept less than 3’ x 3in size, never be left unattended and the surrounding ground must be cleared down to mineral soil for seven feet in all directions. Camp fires must be completely extinguished with water before departing the campsite.

BURN BARRELS Must have a metal mesh or screen cover with holes no larger than 5/8 of an inch in diameter. The surrounding ground must also be cleared to mineral soil for 10 feet in all directions. Experience has shown that 75 percent or more of burn barrels do not meet burn barrel specifications. Non-compliant burn barrels are subject to burn permit requirements and may not be used during burn suspensions.

Any burning during this extremely hot, dry and windy weather pattern greatly increases the chance of new wildfire starts. It is always advisable to keep water and tools on site and readily available to tend your fire or extinguish it if it becomes windy. You are responsible for any fire you set or cause until it is dead out. Fully understand and follow safe burning practices. Call (907) 451-2631 for current burn suspension information.

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