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Smoke Outlook for 7/22 – 7/23: Warmer temperatures return, heavy smoke in Upper Yukon zone

A high pressure system is returning to Alaska, bringing warmer temperatures back to fire areas and an increase in fire activity. Fuels in Alaska especially dry in the Upper Yukon Valley where numerous fires are burning, with heavy smoke being produced that is affecting air quality. Many times, communities will see clear skies in the […]

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Smoke Outlook for 7/20 – 7/21: Weather moderating in many areas, diminished levels of smoke anticipated

Temperature is moderating in many areas of Alaska including the Upper Yukon Zone. Wind gusts up to 30 mph in the Upper Yukon Zone is expected for today and will have an impact to fire activity. Smoke is forecasted to be in the unhealthy range once again, and residents are advised to take any steps […]

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Columns of smoke rise Thursday evening, July 18, 2019, from where a helicopter has dropped plastic spheres that ignite to catch a broad area black spruce on fire. The tactical firing operation is removing the fuels ahead of the Frozen Calf Fire (#367) to the northeast of Chalkyitsik. Sam Harrel/Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team

Smoke Outlook for 7/19 – 7/20: Fire weather generally moderate; Upper Yukon still extreme

Cooler weather and rainfall have decreased fire activity in some Alaskan communities, while dry and warmer temperatures continue to promote fire activity elsewhere across the state. There are currently 215 fires burning across Alaska, producing varying amounts of smoke that has the potential to travel large distances in some cases. Residents who have known health […]

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Smoke Outlook for 7/18 – 7/19: Smoke moving back into Southcentral communities

As activity at the Swan Lake Fire picks up, wind patterns are once again expected to push smoke into Cooper Landing and Sterling communities, typically during morning and evening times. Forecasters are calling for higher temps to begin making its way into Southcentral, with fire behavior and associated smoke levels also increasing relative to the […]

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Smoke Outlook for 7/16 – 7/17: Increased temperatures will increase smoke conditions

Temperatures are forecasted to increase once again in the southern portion of the state including the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su valley. An increase in heat translates into lower relative humidity and more fire activity, which of course produces a greater amount of smoke. As a result, Cooper Landing is forecasted to see a […]

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Upper Yukon Zone fuel indices remain at near record levels

The Upper Yukon Flats remains the hottest and driest area of the state. Temperatures in the Upper Yukon zone will remain consistent in the 65 degree to 85 degree range with relative humidities between 35 percent and 45 percent. About 4,100 lightning strikes happened across the state yesterday with most touching down in the central […]

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Smoke Outlook for 7/15 – 7/16: We may see smoky conditions once again if temperatures increase

Whether or not you have received rainfall during the past few days has largely been determined by your location. Portions of Alaska have received strong rainfall while other locations such as the Upper Yukon area remain quite dry with active fire behavior. Weather has a very strong influence on fire behavior. When a fire is […]

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Smoke outlook for 7-12/13: Unhealthy levels remain in the Interior; smoke will clear in Southcentral Alaska

Anchorage should get a break from smoke generated by the Swan Lake Fire on the Kenai Peninsula starting today. However, smoke will continue to impact and send air quality to unhealthy levels in many parts of Interior Alaska, including the Upper Yukon Area. Beginning tomorrow, there will be two Smoke Outlooks for Alaska. Alaska North […]

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Map showing fires and air quality levels for July 11-12, 2019.

Smoke outlook for 7/11-12: Heavy smoke impacts Yukon and Tanana Valleys; Juneau

Heavy smoke will impact the Yukon and Tanana valleys including the Fairbanks area and will return to Juneau this afternoon, according to air quality advisors working at the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center. Fire Central/Eastern Interior: Ridgetop winds will be from the west today. Trend toward cooler temperatures continues. Southcentral:  A southerly breeze continues today bringing […]

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