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Troops on the move in Tanana Zone

As new fires continue to break during the Tanana Zone’s very active fire season, smokejumpers and crews are being pulled from earlier fires and reassigned to the new blazes. On Tuesday a load of eight jumpers working on the South Base Fire (#555), which had been discovered by a helicopter working another fire, provided four […]

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Number of fires on Seward Peninsula increases by 24 in two days

Lightning increases number of fires on Seward Peninsula to 24 in two days

Smokejumpers were able to catch a handful of new fires after lightning broke out across the Seward Peninsula and ignited 24 new fires in the past two days. Galena Zone personnel aboard a plane watched as thundercells rolled through the middle of the Seward Peninsula Wednesday afternoon, throwing out lightning strikes followed by puffs of […]

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Photo of a Fire Boss airplane dropping water in front of the Kuyukutuk River Fire (#224) on June 14, 2019.

BLM AFS continues work on three fires in Western Alaska

Of the 21 active fires burning in BLM Alaska Fire Service protection area that covers most of the northern half of the state, the only three staff are in the Galena Fire Management Zone. As of today, 63 fires have burned 54,590 acres in BLM AFS protection area – most of which were consumed in […]

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Photo of the roughly 700-acre Koyukutuk River Fire (#224) burning north of Russian Mission.

More firefighters join efforts on 700-acre fire north of Russian Mission

More firefighters will join the efforts on a tundra fire burning 17 miles north of Russian Mission after it grew to an estimated 700 acres Tuesday night. The BLM Alaska Fire Service Midnight Sun Interagency Hotshot Crew is mobilizing to help the eight smokejumpers and three aircraft that started working on the Koyukutuk River Fire […]

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Photo of the Yllota Slough Fire burning about 1-1/2 mile southeast of Fort Yukon on June 11, 2019.

BLM AFS responds to fire near Fort Yukon

Four BLM Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers, aided by a helicopter dropping buckets of water, gained the upper hand of a small fire burning about 1-1/2 miles southeast of Fort Yukon Tuesday afternoon. The Yllota Slough Fire (#225) was discovered at 1:30 p.m. by BLM Alaska Fire Service Upper Yukon Fire Management Zone personnel aboard a fire detection […]

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Photo of the Kuyukutuk Fire (#224) is burning in tundra about 17 miles north of Russian Mission and Marshal on June 10, 2019. It is estimated to be 15 acres in size.

BLM AFS working on two fires in Western Alaska

BLM Alaska Fire Service responded to a new fire about 17 miles north of Russian Mission today while work continues on the Lake Minakokosa Fire (#221) burning 50 miles east of Kobuk. Two fire Boss aircraft and eight smokejumpers are working on the roughly 15-acre Kuyukutuk Fire (#224) after it was detected using satellite imagery […]

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Graphic showing Fire Boss aircraft dropping water and Alaska smokejumpers during a training jump.

BLM AFS Smokejumpers, water-scoopers keep busy on Western Alaska fires

The BLM Alaska Fire Service Galena Zone responded to several new fires in Western Alaska the past few days. After successfully suppressing one fire near Unalakleet on Sunday, smokejumpers and water-scooping Fire Boss aircraft worked on two fires Monday – the Darby Mountains Fire (#216) about 15 miles northwest of Koyuk and the Lake Minakokosa […]

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Smokejumpers, aircraft contain 160-acre fire near Unalakleet

With help from water-dropping aircraft, eight BLM Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers were able to contain a 160-acre fire burning about six miles east of Unalakleet late Sunday night. The South River Hills Fire (#207) was reported by the Unalakleet Fire Chief at about 1 p.m. Sunday. Smokejumpers that were prepositioned in Galena to respond to […]

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Photo of the Red Mountain Fire burning north of the Koyukuk River.

Chena Hotshots responding to mop up fire 23 miles north of Hughes

People in Allakaket will see an uptick in firefighting personnel and aircraft today when the BLM Alaska Fire Service Chena Interagency Hotshot Crew shuttles to the Red Mountain Fire (#166) located 39 miles to the southwest. The Chena Hotshots will take over mopping-up the lightning-caused fire, freeing eight smokejumpers for initial attack response if needed. […]

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Wet, smoky conditions persist over the Oregon Lakes Fire

Start Date: April 30, 2019 Acres: 31,850 Personnel assigned: 124 Crews assigned: 2 – (Gannett Glacier & Tanana Chiefs Type 2 IA) Cause: human, under investigation DELTA JUNCTION, Alaska –  Wetting rains moderated fire activity on the Oregon Lakes Fire Friday, but caused damp, smoky conditions for the greater surrounding area. This change in weather […]

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