Upper Yukon Zone Fires

Conditions moderated on pair of Yukon Flats fires as firefighters prepare for warmer weather

Fire behavior moderated on the Marten Creek Fire (#386) and the Discovery Creek Fire (#388) in the Yukon Flats Wednesday as firefighters remain busy preparing for today’s warmer, drier weather. Firefighters reported both fires received a light dusting of rain Wednesday that likely didn’t elevate the dry conditions in the deeper ground layers. With the weather forecast returning to breezy, drier conditions today, firefighters anticipate more activity as the fires burn through black spruce trees in the area.

Crews ordered to help on pair of fires burning in Yukon Flats

The BLM Alaska Fire Service North Star Crew mobilized to Venetie today to help take steps to clean up an old fire break around the village to protect it from the Marten Creek Fire (#386) burning about 13 miles to the east. The University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanook Fire Crew will head north to help smokejumpers working on the Discovery Creek Fire (#388) burning in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge about 30 miles northwest of Venetie.

Smokejumpers, aircraft corral new wildfire near Central

Smokejumpers, aided by aircraft, were able to corral the Deadwood Fire (#315) burning near Central late Friday night. Firefighters will spend Saturday tracking down any spot fires that sprung up outside the main fire’s perimeter and making sure the sawed control line around the main fire holds. The BLM Alaska Fire Service Midnight Sun Hotshots will join the 16 smokejumpers on the ground today to help work toward the goal of making sure the 33-acre fire is completely extinguished.

Activity slows on pair of fires in northeastern Alaska as BLM AFS keeps an eye out for new lightning-caused ignitions

Work is wrapping up on two fires in northeastern Alaska as BLM Alaska Fire Service keeps an eye out for new starts from lightning that have dotted the warmest and driest part of the state in the past few days. BLM AFS personnel will continue flying detection flights over areas that experienced lightning. Update on Little Albert Creek Fire; Olsons Lake Fire and Preacher Creek Fire burning in the Upper Yukon Fire Management Zone.

Smokejumpers respond to two new fires in Interior Alaska

BLM Alaska Fire Service Smokejumpers responded to two fires in rural Alaska in the last few days, emphasizing dry conditions still exist in some areas despite the wet, cold weather present in other regions. The Richmond Fire (#338) burning 39 miles north of Bettles is suspected of being human caused. It’s a reminder that people still need to be careful that their outdoor activities don’t ignite a fire.