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Village of Chalkyitsik, Alaska August 8th 2019

Video Update For for All Fires in the Upper Yukon Area Covering August 8-11, 2019

Watch this 5 minute video update on the status of the fire suppression, mop up and back haul for all of the fires in the Cornucopia and Chalkyitsik Complexes with Operations Chief Karen Scholl and Information Officer Kale Casey. This video is a part of our “Break it Down” series, where we bring you the […]

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Dense smoke settled in Chalkyitsik on Tuesday morning, July 23, 2019. A high pressure ridge over northeast Alaska has brought warmer temperatures along with light and variable winds. Smoke will persist through the week. A chance of rain Friday may clear some of the smoke away. Sam Harrel/Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team

Chalkyitsik Complex sees active fire behavior

Chalkyitsik Complex – #466 (Tractor Trail 2 –#348, Frozen Calf Fire –#367, Bearnose Hill Fire –#407, and Tettjajik Creek #424) – 473,451 acres combined – 281 personnel assigned to the complex Portions of all four fires in the Chalkyitsik Complex were active yesterday. The Bearnose Hill Fire is continuing to run to the northeast, spreading another 2 miles north of […]

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Upper Yukon Zone near red flag warning, high wind gusts predicted again

Temperatures moderated in the Upper Yukon Zone yesterday. Although cloud cover allowed an increase in relative humidity to 30-40 percent, 30 mph wind gusts erased much of the RH benefit. Temperatures today will begin a trend towards the warmer range once again. There is potential today for large fire growth as the Fine Fuels Moisture […]

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Members of the BLM's 2019 Women's Fire Crew pose for a photo at BLM Alaska Fire Service at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, on July 17, 2019, before heading to the Hadweenzic River Fire. The members of the 2019 crew are: Shelby Descamps, Leah Katz, Patty Derner, Hannah Zamorski, Tess Jarden, Lauren Formiller, Toni Hardy and Alex Perez. CREDIT: BLM Alaska Fire Service

Temps moderate today, 30 mph wind gusts expected

Temperatures are expected to moderate slightly today into the 70s in the Upper Yukon Zone, although wind gusts related to pressure changes are expected to cause wind gusts in the 20-30 mph range. Strong winds from the southwest can drive fire behavior and could disrupt plans for burnout operations. Fuels remain highly flammable and are […]

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Columns of smoke rise Thursday evening, July 18, 2019, from where a helicopter has dropped plastic spheres that ignite to catch a broad area black spruce on fire. The tactical firing operation is removing the fuels ahead of the Frozen Calf Fire (#367) to the northeast of Chalkyitsik. Sam Harrel/Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team

Upper Yukon Zone: High potential for fire growth today

Fire continues to exhibit extreme behavior in parts of the Upper Yukon Zone, which continues to be one of the warmest areas in the state, with relative humidity between 20-30 percent. Continued warm temperatures have dried fuels considerably. Indices that measure fuels and how receptive they are to fire remain in the high to very […]

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Chalkyitsik Fuels Build-up Index hits record high

Rainfall across Alaska continues to avoid the Upper Yukon zone, with conditions at extreme levels predicted to drive fire activity across the Yukon flats.The Buildup Index (BUI) is the best indicator of seasonal severity and overall flammability in the boreal forest here in Alaska, representing deeper drying in the duff layers and greater fuel availability. […]

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Upper Yukon Zone fuel indices remain at near record levels

The Upper Yukon Flats remains the hottest and driest area of the state. Temperatures in the Upper Yukon zone will remain consistent in the 65 degree to 85 degree range with relative humidities between 35 percent and 45 percent. About 4,100 lightning strikes happened across the state yesterday with most touching down in the central […]

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Upper Yukon Zone temps highest in state, fuels fire activity

Temperatures in the Yukon Flats will range from 65-85 degrees. Low relative humidity will be 35-45% with winds out of the west at 5-10 mph. Any thunderstorms are predicted to be accompanied by showers. Thirty-four fires are burning within the Upper Yukon Fire Management Zone; most are not threatening people or property. Ten of the […]

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Upper Yukon Fire Zone Has Varied Activity

More than 20,000 lightning strikes across Alaska on Thursday Much of Alaska remains under a Red Flag Warning today that is projected to continue through Friday evening. Some precipitation has been received south of the White Mountains, but not enough to extinguish fires. Fuels in the northern part of the Upper Yukon Zone are extremely […]

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Fire Crews prepare for potential increase in fire activity in Yukon Fire Zone

Continued high temperatures and low relative humidity in the Yukon Fire Zone have dried fuels and increased the likelihood of additional fire. Weather forecasts call for dry lightning and increased winds in the area through Sunday. Fire managers expect an increase in lightning-caused fires and are re-positioning some smokejumpers and fire crews to be available […]

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