A new source of information about wildland fire in Alaska

Welcome to AK Fire Info. This site was developed by the Education and Prevention Committee of the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group. It is intended to serve as a timely, accurate source for interagency information about wildland fires in Alaska.

Information can serve as a powerful tool in protecting lives and property in the event of a wildland fire. As Alaskans, we know that wildland fire is an essential, natural process that is important for the survival of many plants and animals in the boreal and tundra ecosystems of Alaska. We can live compatibly with fire by being prepared and by staying aware of local fire conditions. This site is intended to provide Alaskans with the information they need to reduce risk and stay safe.

During the fire season, this site will have the latest news and information about active fires throughout the state. In addition, the site features helpful links to information from the state and federal agencies involved in wildland fire management in Alaska.

We invite you to visit this site often. Consider subscribing to our RSS feed to receive regular updates as they are posted to this site.

AK Fire info blog site launch on April 28

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