2nd jet load of Alaska Type 2 crews to Lower 48

August 11, 2014 10:47 a.m.

A second jet load of five Emergency Firefighter (EFF) crews was requested for fire assignment in northern California with a scheduled departure of August 12. The crews consist of 20 firefighters each for a total of 100 crew members. They will be briefed and outfitted in Redding, California in preparation for their assignment in northern California. The crews for the 2nd jet load from the Alaska Fire Service are: , St. Michael, Mt. Village, Selawik #2 and Pilot Station. The Upper Tanana #1 crew represents the Alaska Division of Forestry.

The first jet load of 100 EFF crew members departed August 9 to California’s Klamath National Forest for assignment to the July Complex and Beaver fires. The crews that previously departed from Alaska Fire Service are Kaltag #1, Fort Yukon #1, Venetie #2 and Koyukuk. The Alaska Division of Forestry sent the Delta #2 crew. Type 2 crew mobilizations normally occur around mid-August based on the requirements of agencies in the Lower 48. There had not been any requests for Alaska Type 2 crews until the August 9 mobilization of the first jet load.

Low fire activity in Alaska has allowed the mobilization of approximately 400 personnel from Alaska Fire Service and the Alaska Division of Forestry for assignment to fires in California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Canada Northwest Territories.



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