Proposed changes for the EFF Crew Program

BLM Alaska Fire Service initiates outreach to Alaska Natives on proposed changes for the Alaska Emergency Firefighter (EFF) Crew Program. Fire management officers will present updates and seek additional input from Alaska Native community members and tribal leaders on significant changes proposed this year for the Alaska EFF Type 2 Interagency Crew Management Guide and the future of the Alaska EFF Crew Program. The presentations are scheduled for the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Tribal Providers Conference in Anchorage on Dec. 2 and with the Alaska Federation of Natives Board of Directors on Dec. 8, with more outreach planned. Earlier discussions took place at the Youth and Elders Conference and Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in October. The changes help address crew issues arising during fire assignments, especially on rotations outside of Alaska. The updates will include an historical overview and present status of the EFF program. (Contact: Kent Slaughter, 907-356-5505)

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