2015 Alaska Interagency Crew Boss Academy, May 3 to May 18

Fairbanks, Alaska — The BLM Alaska Fire Service (BLM AFS) and Alaska Division of Forestry will host the 2015 Alaska Interagency Crew Boss Academy at the BLM AFS training campus on Fort Wainwright, Alaska from May 3 to May 18.

Crew Bosses are key leaders in the Emergency Firefighter (EFF) Type 2 crew structure. EFF Type 2 crews are made up of individuals from Alaska Villages. A qualified Crew Boss leads 19 other crewmembers. The crews provide critical firefighting support in Alaska and in the Lower 48.

The Academy has served as the primary clearinghouse for EFF Crew Bosses throughout Alaska for over 25 years. Taking place bi-annually, Crew Boss “Candidates” have an opportunity to complete courses required by the National Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (NWCG) for the position, along with courses that focus on leadership building, communication, risk assessment, and technical skills in radio operation, weather recording, and structure protection.

The 2015 Academy will host 24 candidates from locations including:

Fort Yukon, Venetie, Delta Junction
Nikolai, Buckland, Marshall
Fairbanks, Hooper Bay, Grayling
Selawik, Mountain Village

The Academy offers very low instructor to student ratios; usually averaging one instructor for every two students throughout the Academy. A coach and mentoring system is used. Candidates are split into 4 groups, each led by a coach, and assisted by a mentor. In addition to the instruction, the Academy offers 7‐9 credits in fire science through the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). It provides a great opportunity for Alaska EFF firefighters to work toward a college degree.

For more information about the Alaska Interagency Crew Boss Academy, contact Sam Harrel at 208-614-1411. Send email inquiries to pio.samharrel@gmail.com.

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