Mid-Yukon area fires from Tanana to Ruby

11 a.m.

        Facts at a Glance



Spicer Creek- Approx. 12,500 acres;

Moose Point/Kochrine- Approx. 3,500 acres;

Hay Slough – Approx. 17,000 acres;

Bering – Approx. 7,500 acres;

Tozitna- Approx. 25,000 acres;

Chitanana – Approx. 5,000 acres;

Harper Bend- 100 acres;

Unnamed (~1mi. S Darbin Island) -Approx. 800 acres

Date Started:



Percent Containment:



Two, Type 2 hand crews, IMT short team, various support personnel


6 boats; 1 dozer



Aircraft Assigned:

One, Type 2 helicopter

Cooperating Agencies:

Alaska Fire Service, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Division of Forestry

The Spicer Creek, Moose Point, Hay Slough (formerly Fish Creek 446 Fire), Kochrine, Tozitna, and Harper Bend fires are all burning on the AFS- Tanana Fire Management Zone. Most of those started on Friday, June 19th . Roger Staats’ North Idaho Incident Management Team (IMT) began managing these fires at 06:00a.m. Monday, June 22. An Incident Command Post is located at the Tanana school.

Spicer Creek fire is burning approximately seven miles northeast of Tanana, Alaska. The Tozitna fire is burning approximately five miles northwest of Tanana. The Hay Slough and Harper’s Bend fires are burning approximately ten miles southeast of Tanana. Moose Point and Kochrine fires are burning approximately fifty miles downstream of Tanana to the west/southwest. Bering and Chitanana fires are burning approximately twenty miles southwest of Tanana, south of the Yukon River.

Monday, most of the fires in the surrounding area actively grew, with several fire columns being visible from Tanana. Both Tozitna and Spicer Creek fires spread rapidly late in the day and into Monday night, primarily moving to the west but spreading in all directions. The Tozitna fire especially now poses a potential threat to the village of Tanana. Fire managers are working with local cooperators to begin the process of voluntary evacuations and will continue assessing additional management action needs.

The Hay Slough fire spread rapidly Sunday afternoon through Monday, growing to approximately 17,000 acres. The Bering and Chitanana fires were detected Sunday evening and grew actively Monday, likely merging late in the evening. To date, all fires have been too intense for direct suppression efforts; therefore, indirect attack efforts are being implemented and point protection of structures is being implemented where feasible.

Near Moose Point and Kochrine fires, firefighters continued great progress implementing structure protection and microwave tower point protection efforts. Meanwhile, crews on the Spicer Creek fire began not only structure protection assessment, point protection efforts, and fuel break planning for the community of Tanana, but also began preparing management action plans should either fire move towards Tanana.

Special Announcements/ Public Meeting:

Due to extreme fire growth on the Tozitna fire Monday night, Clinton Wiehl, Tanana VPSO, has issued a volunteer evacuation order, with priority evacuation of elders, families with young children, and those with respiratory or immune-compromised conditions. Fire managers will host a public meeting, TODAY, June 23rd at Noon at the Tanana Community Hall to discuss management strategies and potential fire growth.

For more info:

Please contact Information Officers, Jennifer Costich at 907-987-9835, in the Tanana ICP or

NorthIdahoTeamOne@gmail.com if you have questions concerning these fires. To obtain other fire information in Alaska, contact the Alaska Joint Information Center at 907-356-5511.



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