Aggie Creek Fire update, June 25

Contact Fire Information: 775-455-5316 Hours: 7a.m. – 8 p.m.

Date of Detection: June 22, 2015 at 2:54 PM
Current Size: 12,189 acres (size may increase or decrease with more accurate mapping)
Location: 30 miles North West of Fairbanks along the Elliot Highway
Legal Description: 65° 12’ 0” x 148° 19’ 0”
Containment: 0%

Resources on Fire: There are currently 62 personnel on this incident, including the following resources:


The Great Basin Incident Command Team 3, Mark Rosenthal, Incident Commander (IC), took management of the fire at 6 a.m. yesterday morning. Resources are being ordered and will be put into place as they arrive. One Hot Shot crew has been put into place for structure protection at Globe Creek Camp North.

The fire has jumped the Elliot Highway between mile markers 33 and 34 and visibility is low because of the smoke along a much longer stretch of highway.

The terrain consists of rolling hills with predominantly black spruce as the fuel type. There is a lot of smoke in the area and it helped to slow the spread of the fire.

Weather will continue to be hot, dry winds up to 15 mph.

Thick smoke continues to be an issue. Visibility along the Elliot Highway is very low and poses a real threat to motorists. Please slow down and watch out for fire personnel.

Fire Hazards:
The Alyeska Trans-Alaska Pipeline, fiber optic cable and the Elliot Highway between mile markers 33 and 34.

Threatened Structures:
19 single residences – No evacuations at this time.

Damaged or Destroyed Structures:
None, at this time.


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