Healy Lake Fire update, June 25

Fire Activities on Wednesday:
Healy Lake Fire: The first infrared flight was flown last night, mapping the fire at 9,473 acres. Suppression efforts around cabins on the south shore cove are in the final stages. Gridding for and mopping up of spots between the Cummings Road and the Tanana River is nearly complete. Additional boats were acquired to relieve the limited available helicopter flight time for supplies and personnel movement.
Michigan Creek Fire: Fire Managers met with residents of Healy Lake Village. Discussions centered on structure protection plans for the village which will include a mixture of contingency line, secondary dozer line, possible burn outs of those lines and sprinkler systems for buildings. The contingency and dozer line will be designed to provide village-wide protection. The fire remains approximately ten miles from the village.
Healy River Fire: Aerial observation noted the fire is moving up to the ridge line on the hills to the south of the Healy River. A rough GPS perimeter of the fireline showed the fire to be approximately 450 acres. This fire is expected to continue to slowly increase in size.
Today’s Objectives:
Crews will continue structure protection work on the south cove cabin area. Possible burn out operations around some cabins could take place if conditions are favorable. If a burn out is accomplished, mop up of the “black” line will need to be completed. The hotshot crew working on the spot fires west of the Tanana River will begin transitioning for a move to the Healy Lake Village vicinity to begin protection efforts. Fire managers will continue to meet with village residents in developing strategies for Healy Lake village. An Archeologist will assist firefighters in identifying strategies to protect cultural resources. Residents are proceeding with fuels reduction efforts around village buildings.
Note: On June 26, at 6 A.M., a Type 2 Incident Management Team will take over management of Healy Lake area fires providing assistance with logistical and operational needs.

The public is reminded that NO burning is allowed. For information regarding restrictions visit http://www.akfireinfo.com. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over the fire.

A public Healy Lake Fire email account is available for information/questions: healylakefire@gmail.com

Website Information: Additional fire information and daily updates on the Healy Lake fire can be found at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/. Visit http://www.akfireinfo.com for the latest updates on fires across Alaska. Maps of fire areas in Alaska are available on http://afsmaps.blm.gov/imf_fire/imf.jsp?site=fire, zoom in on the state map to see a rough perimeter of fires.

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