Rex Complex update, June 26

Fire at a Glance

Size: Total 18,165 acres

Fish Creek Fire:   7,489 acres

Kobe Fire:           10,676 acres

Containment: 5%

Assigned personnel:  426


1 Heavy-lift helicopters

3 Medium-lift helicopters


Kobe: 6 miles SW of Anderson

Fish Cr: 5 mi. NE of Anderson

Fire Information Number: 


Fire Information E-Mail:

Fire Information Websites

The Rex Complex is a full suppression firefighting operation. The two fires of the complex began with lightning on June 20th.

The primary objectives of this fire suppression operation are to safely protect communities, private property and cultural, historical and natural resources.

The Kobe Fire burning in black spruce experienced a thunder cell passing over the area yesterday afternoon causing down drafts that created spot fires along the northeast edge and pushed the fire south of the containment lines in places. Aviation assets were borrowed from other incidents to aggressively prevent the fire growing, including 6 fire bosses (water scoopers), 2 retardant planes and 4 helicopters. No additional homes or structures were burned by the fire push. The same storm that caused the fire growth is aiding firefighters today as portions of the fire received rain and the fire area will be more overcast with cooler temperatures and higher relative humidities.

Firefighters working the Fish Creek Fire burning mostly in open grass and marsh are gaining successes. The fire is secure near the highway along the west side and progress is being made headed east on both the west and south flanks. Conversely, the fire is gaining acreage in the northeast corner where access is very limited for crews to even get to the fire. All of the Fish Creek Fire will be hand-lined because of the marshy conditions. The environment in that area limits possibilities for spike camps and the Incident Management Team is working on a strategy to work on the northeast flank of the fire.

The Rex Complex assisted Alaska State DNR who is working to suppress the MP311 fire by providing one 20 person crew.

Today’s weather will be partly cloudy with the best chance of rain showers late tonight. Temperatures today will reach 70 to 75 degrees (5 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday).  Minimum humidities today will be 45% to 50% (~10% higher)

Traffic safety is a big concern to both firefighters and public safety as the weekend approaches and residents want to return to their homes. ATVs, heavy equipment, pickup trucks, Crews and their gear are abundant in the fire area. Please refrain from travel in the fire area. Most residents are warned to be at Evacuation Level 2: “BE SET” to evacuate.


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