Rex Complex update, June 28

Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team #1

Shawn Sheldon, Incident Commander

Rex Complex Fire Daily Update

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fire at a Glance 

Size: Total 18,246 acres

Fish Creek Fire:   7,489 acres

Kobe Fire:          10,676 acres

524 Fire                     81 acres

Containment: 10%

Assigned personnel:  530


Kobe: 6 miles SW of Anderson

Fish Cr: 5 mi. NE of Anderson

Fire Information Number: 


Fire Information E-Mail:

Fire Information Websites



5 Type 1 crews

13 Type 2 crews

1 Camp Crew

2 Heavy-lift helicopters

3 Medium-lift helicopters

1 Fixed Wing Recon. Plane

1 Light helicopter

2 Type 4 Engines

2 Type 6 Engines

2 Dozers

Plus Local Resources

The Rex Complex is a full suppression firefighting operation that will continue to assist with initial attack suppression action as new starts occur. Reconnaissance flights continue today on unstaffed portions of the fire perimeter to begin planning suppression actions on those areas as resources become available. Additional crews will begin identifying and accomplishing suppression rehabilitation work on areas of the perimeter that are cool.

Crews working the Kobe Fire burning in black spruce have been taking advantage of the cooler overcast weather as they begin their way around the west edge of the fire perimeter. Crews working across the north flank have turned the corner south; as have crews working the south flank turn the corner north. The two aim to meet each other along the west flank to complete a full line around the fire. A type 1 helicopter is assisting these crews with water bucket drops to remove heat and burning hot spots. On the east flank that is more accessible numerous port-a-tanks are established allowing water distribution to flow through a maze of hose lays allowing crews to ‘wet’ mop the perimeter up to 300’ into the perimeter edge.

Night shift worked the east flank last night breaking up the piles of debris the dozers made when cutting in the first line of defense. These piles have heat and some fire in them. They have lots of water to support these mopup efforts.

Firefighters working the Fish Creek Fire burning mostly in open grass and marsh continue to gain ground as they build hand-line and saw cut line through the marshy conditions moving at a rate of about ½ mile a day. Not unlike the Kobe Fire, crews working the south and north flanks plan to meet each other along the northeast portion of the perimeter. Marshy swamp impedes their progress. Crews are both building and cold trailing the line as they go, intending to not return back up the line.

The Incident Management Team managing the Rex Complex continue to provide crews, air support and overhead to the 524 Fire located in the June Creek area.  The Team has established a spike camp and crews are spiking out (minimal camps sleeping and eating in the woods) at this fire. They are receiving radio briefings daily.


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