Alaska Closures and Evacuation Summary, June 30, 2015, 5:30 p.m.


June 30, 2015, 5:30 p.m.

• Aggie, #515
Located 30 miles northwest of Fairbanks

The western portion of the White Mountains National Recreation Area, including all trails and lands, has been closed due to fire activity. The temporary closure order will be posted at the major entry points to the closure area at MP 23.5, MP 28, and MP 57 on Elliott Highway.


• Anaconda Creek, #539
Located approximately 9 miles north of Chena Hot Springs Road at MP 24

Closures continue on all trails and cabins north of the Chena Hot Springs Road in the Chena River State Recreation Area, including the North Fork Public Use Cabin and the Angel Rocks Trail. All trails on the south side of the Chena Hot Springs Road, including recreational access to the Chena River, are open. Chena Hot Springs and local businesses also remain open.


• Baker Fire, #456 and North Fork Fire, #457
Both located 2 miles west of Elliott Highway between MP 131-137

There is still a voluntary evacuation for the Baker Subdivision from Eureka turnoff at MP 131 to Baker Creek at MP 137.


• Card Street, #292
Located northwest of Skilak Lake and 5 miles southeast of Sterling

Skilak Lake Road remains closed from the west entrance at the Sterling Highway to milepost 9.3 at the Engineer Lake Overlook. Lower Skilak Campground and Boat Launch and Bottenintnin Lake day use area remain closed. The road is open on the east end, to the upper Skilak Lake boat launch. Motorists are encouraged to please be cautious of changing fire conditions and fire personnel in the area.


• La Grande, #346
Located on military land near Fort Greely, south of Delta Junction, west of Delta River

The military recreation areas off Delta River in the Fort Greely area have been reopened.


• Rex Complex, #899: Kobe Fire, #408 and Fish Creek Fire, #314
Kobe Fire located 9 miles west of Parks Highway, 4.5 miles northwest of the Rex Bridge (MP 275); Fish Creek is located just east of Parks Highway between MP 289-290

The Kobe Ag, Anderson, and Clear Sky Subdivisions are still under cautionary evacuations.


• U.S. Creek Fire, #531
Located just north of Steese Highway near MP 60

The Bureau of Land Management has closed the Nome Creek Valley in the White Mountains National Recreation Area to the public. Closure orders will be posted at the entry points at MP 42 and MP 57.


There have also been several communities that have chosen to do voluntary, precautionary evacuations for fire or smoke related concerns. Most of these voluntary evacuations have been for limited groups of the community, such the elderly, individuals with poor respiratory health, minors, and pregnant women.  Communities that have residents evacuated include: Red Devil, Hughes, Koyukuk, Nulato, Tanana, Aniak/Chuathbaluk, Crooked Creek, Tuluksak, and Allakakek.

There are several Temporary Flight Restrictions around the state. Please visit to find locations and details.

Please be vigilant about any new fire starts or movement on existing fires. Don’t wait to make your plans in case of emergencies. Create an emergency plan checklist and assemble an emergency supply kit. Visit to learn more about how to prepare yourself in case a wildfire impacts your home.

For anyone re-entering areas that were closed because of fire, please remain cautious. Hot ash pits, falling trees, and health risks associated with smoke remain hazardous to anyone in burned areas. Returning residents are advised to wear gloves, protective clothing, and leather boots.

There are fire crews working all around the state of Alaska. Please remain mindful of firefighters and use extra caution when driving in any areas impacted by fire.


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