Baker Fire update, June 30

Baker Fire Update

Tuesday, June 30, 2015—12:00pm

A public meeting will be held Wednesday night at 7:00pm at the Hot Springs Hall in Manley to inform the community of the current status of the Baker Fire #456, North Fork Fire #457 and the Beauty Fire #551.  All three fires lie to the north of Baker Creek and the Elliott Highway, between mileposts 131 & 137, and south of New York Creek.  The combined acreage of these fires is 5,493 acres.

Clear skies have given fire managers the opportunity to continue scouting these fires from the air, and help them determine the best locations to insert crews to work safely on direct fire suppression.  Today, a 10-person crew will be flown in via helicopter to the #551 Beauty Fire to work on extinguishing an area that still shows signs of fire activity.  Once the crew is inserted and begins working, helicopters will support them with buckets.

Other nearby fires had increasing fire activity on Monday.  As fuel conditions continue to dry out, activity on the Baker Fire has the potential to increase as well.  In anticipation of this fire managers are making sure that all resources are prepared for the potential fire activity.

On Monday, firefighters performed a practice run to test the sprinkler systems that have been set up for structure protection in the Baker Creek/Eureka area.  Firefighters went to their predetermined locations and started all of the systems to make sure everyone was familiar with their operations and that everything was operating properly.  As more pumps and hose supplies arrive, additional structures are getting systems installed, and structure assessments have been completed.

Today crews will continue constructing handline between existing dozer lines.  In addition, they are building a contingency fireline between the dozer line and the fire, to use if a burnout operation is needed.

An Incident Command Post (ICP) has been set up at the Manley Hot Springs School.  Fire Information will be posted at the board set up next to the Roadhouse.  Additional information about other fires in the area will be posted as it is made available.

Additional information can be found at:

Alaska Wildland Fire Information Center, 907-356-5511

For a listing of all active fires in Alaska (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)

Current fire maps from (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)


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