Galena Zone Fire update, July 1

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There is a Notice to Airmen in effect for a 25 mile radius around the village of Ruby.

Galena Zone Fires

Cause: Lightning

Location: A series of fires on both sides of the Yukon River within the Galena Fire Management Zone and the western end of the Tanana Zone. The major firefighting efforts at this time are concentrated on 5 fires on the south side of the Yukon River below the village of Ruby and on another 2 fires on both banks of the river near the village of Nulato.

Fire Names: Nulato #458, Kaiyuh #351, Ruby Slough #423, Sulatna #429, Bruno Creek #479, Big Creek Two #533 and Eldorado #576.

Size: Approximately 100,000 acres.

Nulato Fires:

The fires in the Nulato area were generally quiet on Tuesday as higher humidity limited fire growth. The flotilla of water-craft has completed their work of protecting the isolated cabins and other structures along the Yukon River. Led by Division Supervisor Eric Morgan, they will move up the river and perform similar work on the buildings on the river above Ruby. The crews in Koyukuk worked on preparing a defense around the village cemetery on Koyukuk Mountain. The Kaiyuh Fire, located south of the Yukon River and southwest of Nulato, showed some activity on both its north and south flanks but remains a limited threat to Nulato due to the amount of water between it and the village.

Ruby Fires:

80 villagers attended a public meeting in Ruby where fire managers outlined their strategies to deal with the numerous fires around the area. Some rain fell in the fire areas with the Poorman remote weather station receiving .11 inches. That small amount of precipitation will have little effect on long-term fire behavior. The Bruno Creek Fire moved along both of its flanks as it began to wrap around Boston Dome. The majority of fire activity began after 5:00 p.m. with group and single tree torching. The new communications repeater set up on top of Boston Dome has greatly improved communications and therefore safety across all the fire area. Helicopters were used to haul trash off of the Ruby Slough Fire; this operation will minimize the likelihood of bear problems in the future. A mission to set smokejumpers into some remote cabins along the south bank of the Yukon River up river from Ruby was aborted due to dense smoke in the area; another attempt will be made on Wednesday. The public is urged to limit travel on Poorman Road to minimize conflicts with the firefighting forces.

Other Galena Zone Fires:

Alaska Fire Service personnel will do a reconnaissance flight to assess the growth potential of remote fires across the Galena Zone today.


Humidity will be in the 40 to 49% range today, fire behavior analysts have found that 39% and lower is the zone which supports large fire growth, so fire behavior may be muted on Wednesday. Isolated thunderstorms will continue to be a possibility. Conditions will be cloudy with a chance for showers and temperatures will be in the 60’s. Saturday and Sunday look to be significantly warmer and drier and will create the most challenging conditions for firefighters this week.


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