Rex Complex Fire update, July 2

Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team #1

Shawn Sheldon, Incident Commander

Fire Information Number:    907-582-1406

Fire Information E-Mail:

Fire Information Website:

Fire at a Glance

Location:    Kobe Fire: 6 miles SW of Anderson; Fish Creek Fire: 5 mi. NE of Anderson; Fire 524: 16 mi. SW of Anderson.

Size: Total 16,519 acres

   Fish Creek Fire: 7,562 acres     Kobe Fire: 8,876 acres    Fire #524: 81 acres

Containment: 35%

Assigned personnel: 467

Additional Resources:  17 crews, 8 engines, 3 dozers, 5 water tenders  

Aircraft2 Type 1 Heavy-lift helicopters; 3 Type 2 Medium-lift helicopters; 1 Type 3 Light-lift helicopter; 1 Air-command fixed-wing aircraft

Light showers, up to one-third of an inch, occurred over much of the complex in the last 24 hours. Only the western edge of the Kobe Fire received significantly less rain. Temperatures barely reached 60 degrees on Wednesday and the humidity never dropped below 85%, resulting in minimal fire behavior on all three fires. Firefighters took advantage of these conditions to construct fireline immediately adjacent to the blackened fire perimeter, and to find and mop-up hotspots along previously existing firelines.

For the past few days, marsh conditions on the Fish Creek Fire stymied firefighters trying to get into numerous smokes in the southeast corner of the fire. Late Wednesday evening crews found solid ground, large enough for a new helispot in that vicinity. Fire managers are hopeful that the cloud-ceiling will lift enough on today to allow helicopters to shuttle crews into the new helispot. Other crews continue to use a helispot near the powerline to attack the rest of the southern edge of Fish Creek Fire.

The eastern edge of the Kobe Fire is contained. Firefighters made excellent progress on Wednesday mopping up the north and south sides of the Kobe Fire. In many areas, there are few hotspots left within 50 feet of the fire perimeter. The goal is to eliminate all hotspots within 150 feet along the entire fireline. On the western edge of the Kobe Fire, crews continue to construct fireline from the north and south. They anticipate meeting in the middle in the next two days. Crews are starting mop-up on the northern-most segment of the western fire edge.

Crews were working on the last few smokes Wednesday afternoon on Fire #524 near June Creek. They are in the final stages of mop-up today, putting out any hotspots within 300 feet of the fireline.

This morning, Incident Commander Shawn Sheldon congratulated crews on the work they have accomplished. “You have been making excellent progress despite the tough working conditions – swamps, long hikes into the fire, thick brush, and having to stay out near the fireline in spike camps. However, we have a lot of hard work left on some of the most difficult ground before these fires are out,” said Sheldon.




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