Rex Complex Fire update, July 3

Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team #1

Incident Commander: Shawn Sheldon

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Fire Information E-Mail:

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Fire at a Glance

Location:    Kobe: 6 miles SW of Anderson  Fish Creek: 5 mi. NE of Anderson  Fire 524: 16 mi. SW of Anderson.

Size: Total 16,519 acres

Fish Creek Fire:  7,562 acres  Kobe Fire:  8,876 acres Fire #524:  81 acres

Containment: 38%

Assigned personnel: 462

Aircraft:  1 Type 1 Heavy-lift helicopters;  2 Type 2 Medium-lift helicopters;  1 Type 3 Light-lift helicopter

Additional Resources:  18 crews;  8 engines;   3 dozers;   3 water tenders

Nenana Valley residents north of the Fish Creek Fire experienced smoky conditions again on Thursday after several days of clear air. Rather than coming from the Rex Complex fires, however, smoke is drifting in a southerly direction from fires burning north and west of Nenana.

Firefighters have succeeded in containing 38% of the Rex Complex fires as of end of shift on Thursday.

The 524 Fire in June Creek is now fully lined and the two crews who had been working on that fire are being reassigned. Today the fire will be monitored from the air.

The Fish Creek Fire is still burning toward the southeast, and firefighters have been working hard to gain access so they can gain the upper hand. The crews working their way to the active corner of the fire have built helispots, bridges, and spike camps in their attempt to reach the fire. The east and west flanks are contained and the rest of the fire is being patrolled.

Fire officials estimate that construction of the fireline around the Kobe Fire will be completed by the end of shift today, when the crew working south on the western edge is expected to meet up with the crew working north.

Weather today is forecast to be partly cloudy with high temperatures of 64-70oF and a minimum relative humidity of 39-49%. Winds will be southwest 5-8 mph early, then light from the south after 2 p.m.

Maximum temperatures through the weekend will range from 75 to 80 degrees, and relative humidity may drop to the upper 20’s. Winds will shift to an easterly flow.

Significant demobilization of resources will begin today as many firefighters are being reassigned to other fires or being sent home to rest prior to their next assignment.


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