Baker Fire update, July 6

Monday, July 6, 20152:00pm

Baker Fire #456, North Fork Fire #457 and the Beauty Fire #551 are being administratively managed together as the Baker Fire.  All three fires lie to the north of Baker Creek and the Elliott Highway, between mileposts 131 & 137, and south of New York Creek.  The combined acreage of these fires is estimated at 5,823 acres.  Once an infrared flight is conducted, the acreage will be updated.

An aerial reconnaissance flight of the Baker Fire this Monday morning showed an increase of fire behavior on the north and northwest flanks of the fire.  This is to be expected, given the higher temperatures, lower humidity, and southeast winds on the fire today.  Fire activity on the eastern and southern flanks of the Baker Fire, continues backing into the wind, slowly working its way to the Baker Creek/Eureka area.  The fire is still approximately 1.5 miles from the closest structure.

Increased fire behavior was observed on the #456 Fire, which is the small fire located to the southwest of the main fire.  It has been moving westward and is established on the west side of the lake and is not posing any threat to structures at this time.  It continues to be monitored.

The Beauty Fire showed no signs of fire during a reconnaissance flight this morning, and it remains in a patrol/monitor status.

Due to the increased fire activity on the Hay Slough Fire near Fish Lake, a Type 2 Incident Management Team has been ordered and will be arriving in Manley Hot Springs on Tuesday.  This team will take control of the Hay Slough Fire and the Baker Fire.  Resources currently assigned to the Baker Fire will continue with the ongoing structure protection work, and new resources will be ordered to manage and support the Hay Slough Fire.

An Incident Command Post (ICP) has been set up at the Manley Hot Springs School.  Fire Information will be posted at the board set up next to the Roadhouse.  Additional information about other fires in the area will be posted as it is made available.

Additional information can be found at:

Alaska Wildland Fire Information Center, 907-356-5511

For a listing of all active fires in Alaska (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)

Current fire maps from (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)

Baker Fire Information on Inciweb



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