Baker Fire update, July 8

Baker Fire Update

Wednesday, July 8, 2015—4:00pm

Baker Fire #456, North Fork Fire #457 and the Beauty Fire #551 are being administratively managed together as the Baker Fire.  All three fires lie to the north of Baker Creek and the Elliott Highway, between mileposts 131 & 137, and south of New York Creek.  The combined acreage of these fires is approximately 14,128 acres.

Heavy smoke on Tuesday prevented reconnaissance flights from occurring.  Fire activity was moderated from what was observed on Monday.  Smoke, along with higher humidity reduced fire growth.

On Tuesday crews did a practice run with the system of pumps that are set up in the Baker Creek/Eureka area.  They adjusted the water flow rates to make sure the pumps and sprinklers were running efficiently, if they are needed.

Preparation continues for a possible burnout operation in the Baker Creek/Eureka area.  If the fire begins to move significantly to the east towards the residences, firefighters are prepared to burnout the fuels between the residences and the head of the fire, using the dozer and handlines that are already constructed.  The fire is still approximately 1.5 miles from the closest structure along the Elliott Highway.

An aerial reconnaissance flight was conducted on Wednesday afternoon.  Approximately 10 percent of the Baker Fire perimeter had active fire.  Mostly isolated torching and short crown runs in spruce.  The fire activity in the upper portions of the Chicago Creek drainage, and into Omega Creek has reduced since Monday night, when it was moving in that direction.  The Beauty Fire showed no smoke, and remains in a patrol status.

The Rocky Mountain Type 2 Incident Management Team has arrived in Alaska and they are receiving their in-briefing in Fairbanks today.  They will be headed to Manley Hot Springs to assume command of the Baker Fire and the Hay Slough Fire on Friday morning.

There will be a public meeting on Thursday July 9th at the Hot Springs Hall in Manley.  Updates on the Baker Fire and the Hay Slough Fire will be given and an opportunity to meet the incoming Incident Management Team.

An Incident Command Post (ICP) has been set up at the Manley Hot Springs School.  Fire Information will be posted at the board set up next to the Roadhouse.  Additional information about other fires in the area will be posted as it is made available.

Additional information can be found at:

Alaska Wildland Fire Information Center, 907-356-5511

For a listing of all active fires in Alaska (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)

Current fire maps from (Alaska Interagency Coordination Center)

Baker Fire Information on Inciweb

Fire Information Baker Fire 7-8-2015 -page-001


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