Long Lake Fire update, July 9

Moderating Weather and More Resources

CONTACT: Rita Baysinger, Tok Area Fires PIO, 303-345-8576 tokareafires@gmail.com

Fire Info: https://akfireinfo.com/ (907) 356-5511
Forestry Info: http://forestry.alaska.gov http://www.facebook.com/AK.Forestry

(Tok, AK) – Moderating weather conditions and an increased number of resources have helped fire crews as they seek to contain the Long Lake Fire. A Type 1 Chinook Helicopter joined the fight yesterday afternoon and immediately began dropping water from their 2,600 gallon bucket to protect the village of Northway and outlying cabins along the fire perimeter. The Chinook will also work with ground crews to continue strengthening the line between the fire and the village of Northway.

The fire is now staffed with three type 2 Initial Attack (IA) crews who are camping at the ball field near the village along the Northway Road. Pumps and sprinklers are still in place protecting cabins threatened by the fire and the Northway Airport VOR. Two dozers are assigned to the fire. One is engaged in line construction. The other is building contingency line utilizing a roller chopper. There are also assessments of structures underway in the village Weather permitting, the Chinook and another lighter Type 3 helicopter will be working throughout the day and evening to cool hotspots.

The fire was mapped yesterday with GPS which gives crews and residents a clear and accurate picture of the fire’s true size and perimeter. There are no immediate threats to the public or structures at this time. The goal is remains to protect the lives and property in the community of Northway and limit impacts on the Alaska Highway .

Smoke from fires could occasionally affect visibility along the Alaska Highway between Tok and the Canadian border. The Alaska Department of Transportation has installed automated signs along the Highway to warn motorists of wildfire activity. Motorists are urged to drive with lights on and slow down when visibility is poor or firefighting equipment is present. Flaggers and pilot cars will be used when conditions require their use to keep traffic moving safely through the area affected by the fire.


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