Tok Area Fires update, July 9

Tok Area Fires as of Wednesday July 9, 2015 @ 1130 hours

Fire acreage levels are still approximately 1 week ahead of 2004
No new fires in the Tok area yesterday

CONTACT: Rita Baysinger, Public Information Officer, (303) 345-8576,

403 Tetlin Hills

          Date Started: 6/20/15 @ 1800

          Current acreage: 1,800 No change reported, 23% contained

          Management Option: Full

          Summary: GPS mapping on the fire yesterday. Total acres mapped at 1,878 acres. Though there was extensive burning on the 6th and 7th, most of the burning took place within the previously estimated perimeter of 1,800 acres. There is now 23% containment on the fire. Weather conditions moderated fire behavior yesterday giving crews an opportunity to mop up existing line and do scouting. Conditions are extremely muddy. Plans for today include direct dozer line construction and to expand the % of containment line. There are 240 personnel on the fire as of yesterday, including 10 hand crews, five of which are local. There are two type 3 and one type 2 helicopter assigned to the fire.

393 Long Lake

          Date Started: 6/20/15 @ 1605

          Current acreage: 23,000

          Management Option: Critical, 20% contained

          Summary: There was moderate fire behavior on the Long Lake Fire yesterday. With single tree torching. Cooling and wetting conditions have moderate fire behavior. A Type 1 helicopter arrived on the fire yesterday afternoon and began making water drops on the north side of the fire protecting line between the fire and the village of Northway an also outlying cabins around the perimeter. The fire is now staffed with three Type 2 hand crews. All contingency lines have been completed and  are being improved. Assessments are continuing on structures and residences in the village and crews are dong fuels mitigation within the village. Point protection remains in place for all threatened structures and the airport VOR facility. 81 personnel.

268 Chisana River 2

          Date Started: 6/9/2015

          Current acreage: 37,705, No change from yesterday

          Management Option: Limited

          Summary: No change in acreage reported for today. Fire remains in monitor status.

285 Tanana Slough

          Date Started: 6/14/15

          Current acreage: 745

          Management Option: Full, 100% contained

          Summary: Fire is in monitor status.

637 Stuver Creek

          Date Start: 6-25-15 @ 1516

          Current acreage: 0.1 acre

          Management Option: Controlled/contained

          Summary: Fire remains in monitor status.

388 Robinson Fork

          Date Started: 6/20/15 @1441

          Current acreage: 830

          Management Option: Limited

          Summary: Fire was not checked today and remains in monitor status.

523 Dennison Fork

          Date Started: 6/22/15 @ 1531

          Current acreage: 11,648

          Management Option: Limited

          Summary: Fire was not flown today and remains in monitor status. Last flown 6/27

341 Moose Creek

          Date Started: 6/19/15 @1536

          Current acreage: 315

          Management Option: Critical

          Summary: All resources are on Long Lake Fire #393


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