Tetlin Hills and Long Lake Fire update, July 10


July 10, 2015: 1430 hours

Tok Area Fires Update for Friday, July 10, 2015

(Tok, AK) – Firefighting activity has been increasing on the Tetlin Hills Fire and the Long Lake Fires even as fire activity has decreased. Moderating weather conditions have allowed crews to attack both fires in a more direct manner with hand crews, bulldozers and aircraft. The break in the weather cuts both ways, however, especially on the Tetlin Hills Fire where the steep, muddy, slippery terrain is making working conditions difficult. The Chisana Fire is mapped at 39,110 acres, is in monitor status and being observed for activity and growth.

Tetlin Hills Fire
Muddy conditions and steep, rocky terrain is hampering firefighters on the Tetlin Hills Fire. The muddy conditions are expected to continue for several more days. The fire now has 290 personnel including 11 firefighting crews and support from 2 light helicopters and four bulldozers. The Tetlin Hills fire started with a lightning strike on June 20, 2015. The helicopters are aiding ground crews by cooling hot spots until firefighters and bulldozers can get in to build direct fire line. The fire is located eight miles from the town of Tok, Alaska, three miles from the Tok Cutoff Highway and 13 miles from the village of Tetlin. The last reported containment is 23%.

Long Lake Fire
Most of the firefighting work on the Long Lake Fire is concentrated on the north end where it is burning adjacent to Northway Village. The firefighting efforts are now being supported by three crews and other personnel totaling 83 people. Firefighters were at work yesterday using chain saws and a bulldozer equipped with a roller chopper to remove fuels and carve out a protective defensible line around the village. Structures and homes in the village are being assessed for protection if the direction or intensity of the fire should change. At this time there is minimal threat to the 39 cabins on the west side of the fire. Pumps and sprinklers
have been installed to protect any of the cabins around the fire’s perimeter that could be threatened by fire activity. The Northway Airport VOR installation has been equipped with a sprinkler and the fuels around it have been removed.

CONTACT: Sarah Saarloos, Tok Area Fires PIO, 907-301-0971 sarah.saarloos@alaska.gov

Coronados clear fuels around Northway-Tok Area Fires july 10 2015

The Coronado Type 2 Initial Attack Team work on fuels mitigation around the village of Northway. The work is designed to help protect the village in the event of a change in the direction or intensity of the Long Lake Fire.

Coronados wrestle tree branches arund Northway Tok Area Fires July 10 2015

Coronado Crew clears tree branches around Northway (Tok Area Fires July 10 2015)

Fire Info: https://akfireinfo.com/ (907) 356-5511
Forestry Info: http://forestry.alaska.gov


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