Tok Area Fire updates, July 10

Tok Area Fires as of Wednesday July 10, 2015@ 1130 hours
No new fires in the Tok area yesterday

403 Tetlin Hills

Date Started:  6/20/15: 1800

Current Acreage:  1878 No change

Containment:  23% contained

Management Option:  Full

Summary:  The combination of extremely steep terrain and muddy aftermath due to rain is making working conditions difficult. These conditions are predicted to last for several more days. This will make direct attack difficult and will slow containment efforts. The fire is expected to continue with moderate fire behavior with minimal spread and will clean up interior pockets of unburned fuel. The fire received light precipitation, but activity increased when the cloud cover broke. Firefighters continue to implement direct line construction on south and west flanks. Yesterday bucket operations on the north flank held spots until the Type 1 crew begins work. Terrain, fuels orientation and rock outcroppings are limiting the use of resources. Advanced crews are needed for some of this work.

Plans: deploy water handling equipment, continue direct dozer line on the southwest to the north, hold and secure northeast, east and southeast. Assess extent of spotting to the north.

Resources Assigned:  290 personnel, including One T1 crew, 6 T2 crews, 4 T2 IA crews, 2 T3 helicopters and 11 dozers. Fire behavior is moderate with creeping and smoldering.

393 Long Lake

Date Started:  6/20/15: 1605

Current Acreage:  23,000 Critical 20% contained Fire transitioned last night to new Type 4 IC. Strategy for the fire is under review.

Planned action for this operational period is to continue to secure the area on the north end of the fire where it is burning adjacent to Northway Village; to continue to mop up and rehabilitate line on the north and northeast; continue building line with dozers and heavy equipment to secure and protect threatened resources and airport VOR. Pumps will be started at structures for point protection. Helicopter monitoring will continue. Resources have been focused on the north end of the fire nearest to threatened residences. Strategic objectives are to keep the fire south of the Northway airport, south of the Northway highway and west of the Alaska Highway, to prevent damage to structures and private lands and minimize impacts to the Alaska Highway.

Resources Assigned: There are 83 personnel on the fire including three T3 IA crews, one engine and two dozers.

268 Chisana River 2

Date Started:  6/9/15

Current Acreage:  39,110 No change

Management Option:  Limited

Summary:  Fire remains in monitor status. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering. Available resources will continue to be used to monitor the progress of the fire.

285 Tanana Slough

Date Start:  6/14/15

Current Acreage:  745

Management Option:  Full

Containment:  100% contained

Summary:  Fire is in monitor acres

637 Stuver Creek

Date Start:  6-25-15 1516

Current Acreage:  .1 acre

Containment: Controlled/ contained ; Fire remains in monitor status.

388 Robinson Fork

Date Start:  6/20/15 1441

Current Acreage:  830

Management Option:  Limited

Summary:  Fire was not checked today and remains in monitor status.

CONTACT: Rita Baysinger, Public Information Officer, (303)345-8576,


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