Baker Fire burnout operations update, July 11


 July 11, 2015


Residents are advised that burnout operations will begin between noon and 3 pm today, July 11th. Burnout operations could continue for up to two days. Increased smoke and fire personnel activity are to be expected in these areas. Residents impacted by smoke are encouraged to use their preplanned route away from this area, which may include the DOT gravel pit at mile marker 133 (Baker staging area sign) Elliot Highway.

The community meeting scheduled for 6 pm on Saturday evening at the Scott’s hanger, historical milepost 134 will still be held.

Baker, Beauty, and Hay Slough Fire updates can be also be found on information boards in Manley Hot Springs and DOT gravel pit at milepost 133 (look for Baker staging area sign) or by calling the Fire information phone number: 907-672-3202.

Manley Area Fires

(907) 672-3202

Baker Fire on InciWeb

Hay Slough Fire on InciWeb

for information about fires across Alaska

(907) 356-5511

Alaska Wildland Fire Information


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