Delta Area Fires Update; July 26

Delta Area Fire Update
Sunday, July 26, 2015
Fire Information Officer – 907-244-9376
Hours of Operation: 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
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Fire Information
Overview: The Alaska Division of Forestry and The Alaska Fire Service are managing numerous fires around the Delta Junction area. Fire updates will be produced and disseminated as fire activity warrants. Please contact the area information officer, Celeste Prescott, with any additional questions or concerns.

Blair, AFS: The Blair Fire was started by lightning on June 20 and has grown to 41,514 acres. Fire personnel observed numerous smoldering hotspots in areas along the perimeter when they flew it on July 26. No heat was detected around the military survival cabin where a burnout was conducted. The fire was transferred to local fire personnel on July 24. They will remain in the 5-mile Clear Creek Community and continue to scout out and inventory the structures in the area. Fire officials will continue daily aerial monitoring of the fire perimeter.

Healy Lake, DOF: The Healy Lake Fire which was started by lightning on June 16 is currently 11,473 acres in size. The Type 3 team that was managing the Michigan Creek, Healy Lake, and Healy River Fires transitioned to a Type 4 organization on July 26. The Delta Power Squad is extinguishing a pocket of heat found in a small spot fire near the eastern perimeter today. They will demob for days off at the end of shift. The two boats that have been transporting the crew will demob at the end of shift as well. Fire personnel will continue to monitor the fire by air.

Michigan Creek, DOF: The Michigan Creek Fire started on June 17 and is located approximately 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction. The fire is 9,937 acres with a spot fire to the south mapped at 562 acres. No heat has been detected during the infrared flights over the last few days. Fire personnel will continue to monitor the fire by air. Fire official’s primary concerns are the cultural and historic sites to the southwest of the fire. This will be the last update on the Michigan Creek Fire unless significant activity occurs.

Other Delta Area Fires: The Alaska Division of Forestry and Alaska Fire Service are monitoring numerous other fires in the area. The last of the structure protection equipment was being removed from the Goodpaster Fire on July 26. Fire personnel monitor all the fires by air when the weather and aircraft availability permits.

After A Wildfire Concerns: When returning to or recreating in an area recently affected by fire, please be aware of the changes to the landscape. Trees that burnt during the fire but are still standing can fall with the slightest of winds. Burnt vegetation and roots may continue to smolder below ground and create white ash pits that if stepped in could cause severe burns. Orange retardant that was used to protect valuables is non-toxic but may stain and should be cleaned up as soon as possible. For more detailed information visit
Statewide Fire Info: For information about fires statewide visit or call the fire information office at 907-356-5511


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