BLM AFS smokejumpers catch fire near Minto Friday

July 16, 2016 – BLM Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers caught a fire burning north of the Elliott Highway near Minto Friday. The Starvation Creek Fire (#527) was spotted by an agency aircraft at 7:20 p.m. Friday while it was flying a detection flight in the BLM AFS’s Tanana Management Zone north of Fairbanks. It was burning about a mile east of a cabin and about 13 miles north of Minto. Eight smokejumpers weren’t able to parachute near the fire, but landed a few miles away and were shuttled to the fire by helicopter. On Saturday, smokejumpers switched to mopping up the fire after successfully catching it. An Alaska Division of Forestry engine drove up the Elliott Highway and set up a blivit, or water tank, that allowed smokejumpers to easily refill their bladder packs to help with mop-up efforts.

For more information, call the fire information line at (907)356-5511.



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