Prescribed burns planned for Delta Junction Bison Range to improve wildlife habitat

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game, in cooperation with State Forestry, plans to again burn the cleared fields in the Panoramic and Gerstle Field Complexes of the Delta Junction Bison Range. The prescribed fires will be implemented when the weather and availability of Forestry staff align with conditions dry enough to carry fire.

This year’s burns may span the month of May with a few days of burning at a time. The burns will comprise approximately 1,200 acres and include a variety of vegetation types. To provide multiple successional stages of plants and maximize benefits to wildlife, plans include an uneven burn over previously cleared areas ranging from grasses to mature hardwoods. Bison, moose, grouse, snowshoe hare, and many other species depend on various stages of succession for food and cover.

We will post more information on timing as we get closer to favorable conditions.

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