Prescribed burning at the Delta Junction Bison Range for habitat enhancement

In coordination with State Forestry, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game will be burning portions of the Panoramic and Gerstle field complexes beginning today May 9, 2018. Burning the cleared fields where aspen and willow regeneration is taking over helps provide enhanced habitat for bison, moose, and grouse. Bison prefer areas where they can see long distances; burning back the brush allows them to see where predators may be approaching. Regenerating willow and aspen in years following these prescribed burns also provides nutritious forage opportunities for moose. Sharp-tailed grouse live in these areas too; they depend on various life stages of aspen for their brood rearing, nutrition, and cover needs.

Prescribed burns are lead by State Forestry; conditions to ignite must be met through monitoring the weather and expected winds. While no smoke is expected along the Alaska Highway or to reach the town of Delta Junction, signs will be posted on the highway.

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