Firefighters working to contain fire near Nikolaevsk on Kenai Peninsula

This aerial photo of the Nikolaevsk Fire shows the fire moving away from nearby structures. The fire is in close proximity to the village of Nikolaevsk on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula near Anchor Point. Jason Jordet/Alaska Division of Forestry

Firefighters from the Alaska Division of Forestry are responding to a wildfire near the village of Nikolaevsk on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula near Anchor Point.
The fire was reported at approximately 4 p.m. and is currently estimated at 5-7 acres and is burning in grass and heavy slash, with 4- to 6-foot flame lengths in the grass. The fire is off Bolotna Road and there are multiple structures in the area but the wind is pushing the fire away from structures and into a wet area.
Firefighters from the Division of Forestry and multiple local fire departments are on scene working to contain the fire. A helicopter with a bucket is dropping water on the fire to assist firefighters on the ground. An air retardant tanker from Palmer is also en route to the fire
The fire is believed to be human caused and is under investigation.

About Alaska Division of Forestry

Alaska Division of Forestry website: Mission: The Alaska Division of Forestry proudly serves Alaskans through forest management and wildland fire protection. The Wildland Fire and Aviation Program provides safe, cost-effective and efficient fire protection services and related fire and aviation management activities to protect human life and values on State, private and municipal lands. The wildland fire program cooperates with other wildland fire agencies on a statewide, interagency basis.

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