Demobilization of forces underway on the Zitziana River and Mooseheart fires; several small fires reported


Firefighters on the Zitziana River (#133) and Mooseheart (#204) fires have secured the areas around cabins and homes impacted by the fires and prepared others that may be threatened in the future. Due to forecasted weather and moderated fire activity fire managers are downsizing the number of firefighters assigned.

Strong, gusty winds from passing thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon caused the southwest corner of the Zitziana River Fire to flare up, between Kindamina and Iksgiza lakes. A small contingent of firefighters will remain assigned to provide point protection for cabins and allotments on area lakes and along the Tanana River should fire activity increase.

BLM Alaska Smokejumpers and members of the BLM Fire Familiarization Program Type 2 Crew were released from the fire Tuesday evening. The Tanana Chiefs Type 2 Initial Attack Crew along with several more smokejumpers were released this morning. Demobilization of the remaining excess forces will continue over the next few days.

Information from a mapping mission yesterday adjusted the estimated acreage of the Zitziana River Fire to 34,167 acres. The Mooseheart Fire remains at an estimated 53,365 acres. The two lightning-caused wildfires are approximately 100 miles west of Fairbanks and 8 miles south of Manley Hot Springs.

The temporary flight restriction (TFR) has been cancelled for the airspace over the Mooseheart and Zitziana River fires. Should fire activity increase, fire managers will reassess the need for another TFR. Pilots should go to to check NoTAMS before flying.

Several new fires were reported Tuesday. Two of them are staffed and the rest are being monitored:

Wickersham Fire (#284) – 0.4 acres, lightning caused, at Mile 46.5 of the Elliot Highway. A helitack crew responded and used water bucket drops to knock down the fire. The North Star Crew is mopping up today.

Stebbins Dump Fire (#280) – Fire escaped the dump and grew to 10-acres. Smokejumpers were dispatched to that fire on Wednesday.

The 3-acre Section 13 Fire (#287) was reported 40 miles west of Huslia in the Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge. The fire was placed in monitor status.

Kobuk River (#283), Unamanokuk Creek (#285), and Kobuk River 2 (#286) were all reported as 0.1 acre, lightning-caused fires, with no active burning and no visible smoke. All were placed in monitor status.

All firefighters have been demobilized from the Louise Creek Coal Seam 2018 Fire (#254) northeast of Healy and that fire is now in monitor status.

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