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Decreased fire activity allows firefighters to continue protection work

A second day of decreased fire activity allowed firefighters to continue their work Sunday to protect structures threatened by the Zitziana River Fire burning about eight miles south of Manley Hot Springs. Firefighters spent the day mopping up around structures on the north and east side of Kindamina Lake that were immediately threatened by the […]

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The Zitziana River Fire (#133) was smoldering on the east side (to the left) of the Kindamina Lake Saturday. Conditions moderated Saturday to allow firefighting personnel to fly over the fire and get a good look at it. Photo by Abe Davis, BLM AFS

Rain Moderates Fire Activity and Smoke on Fires South of Manley Hot Springs

After raining off and for 24 hours, smoke and fire activity moderated Saturday on two fires burning south of Manley Hot Springs. This gave fire personnel their first chance to get a good look at the fires since the Zitziana River Fire (#133) made a six-mile run toward the Tanana River on Wednesday. What they […]

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Firefighting efforts continue to expand on Zitziana River, Mooseheart fires

The number of firefighting personnel working to protect cabins and Native allotments south of Manley Hot Springs continues to expand after the Zitziana River Fire (#133) advanced to the east Friday. There are 130 personnel working on the fire including eight smokejumpers that deployed Friday to protect structures at Iksgiza Lake located six miles east […]

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Two new fires burning near Fort Yukon, Livengood

  The BLM AFS Upper Yukon Zone is managing two new fires that cropped up within two hours of each other. People from Fort Yukon may see smoke from the nearby Toussaint Island Fire (#244) while Elliott Highway motorists may see smoke from the Tatalina River Fire (#245) burning 5.2 miles east of Mile 55 Elliott […]

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Fire that escaped village dump in southwest Alaska is contained at 28 acres

Wildland firefighters on Friday completed work on a 28-acre fire that escaped from the dump in the village of Kongnignanohk in southwest Alaska. Division of Forestry personnel in McGrath were alerted to the fire by modis imagery on Wednesday and contacted the Knognignanohk Traditional Council to check on it. Forestry personnel were told that the […]

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Smoky conditions expected to continue in eastern and central Interior

Smoke from wildfires in the central and western Interior continues to drift into the Tanana Valley and surrounding areas and is expected to persist into the weekend. The smoke is being produced primarily by the Mooseheart (#204) and Zitziana River (#133) fires that are burning about eight miles south of Manley Hot Springs and about […]

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This map shows heat signatures picked up by satellite sensors indicating growth from the Zitzitana River Fire (#133) and the Mooseheart Fire (#204) burning south of Manley Hot Springs. The Zitzitana River Fire, on the right, made an overnight six mile run to the northeast toward the Tanana River.

More firefighters to join efforts on fires south of Manley Hot Springs

Two crews will join the efforts to protect cabins and Native allotments that are in the area of the Mooseheart and Zitziana River fires burning south of Manley Hot Springs. The Type 1 BLM AFS Chena Hotshots and the Type 2 Initial Attack (IA) Tanana Chiefs Conference crews, both at about 20 firefighters strong, will […]

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BLM AFS mobilizing firefighters and aircraft for fires burning south of Manley

The BLM AFS is mobilizing firefighters and aircraft to assess the situation in case Native allotments and cabins along the Tanana River and a nearby lake south of Manley Hot Springs need to be protected after the Zitziana River Fire (#133) made a six mile run overnight. Windy conditions, smoke and high fire activity have […]

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Don’t be fooled by the numbers or weather, there’s still time for the 2018 fire season to blow up

While the 2018 wildfire season so far has been relatively tame by Alaska standards, there is still time for that to change. All you have to do is look at Alaska’s two biggest fire seasons – 2004 and 2015 – to come to that conclusion. The number of acres burned by wildfires in Alaska this […]

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The 21,366-acre Mooseheart Fire (#204) is burning 13 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs. This photo is taken from the north side of the Tanana River. Photo by Cody Nelson, BLM AFS

Tanana Valley may see more smoke in coming days

Tanana reported the presence of a smoke haze this morning that may move farther west in the next couple of days. Large fires burning across central Alaska have grown in the past few days, producing smoke that will likely waft south, then east across the Tanana Valley on Wednesday. Weather has turned cold in the […]

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