Cooler,damper weather helps firefighters in the Yukon Flats

Fire activity was minimal on Sunday after the two fires burning in the Yukon Flats experienced cooler and damper weather. This weather is forecasted to continue in the upcoming days as firefighters wrap up work on the Applevun Fire (#305) this week and continue securing the line on the Tiechovun Lake Fire (#304). An estimated 80 percent of the Applevun Fire is contained while the Tiechovun Lake Fire is about 25 percent contained.

Map of 2,709-acre Tiechovun Lake Fire on July 9, 2018.

Map of 2,709-acre Tiechovun Lake Fire on July 9, 2018. Click on link 7-9-18 Fire 304 map for PDF version of map.

The Tiechovunk Lake Fire received a light drizzle of rain off and on throughout Sunday. Crews progressed eastward, securing line on the south flank of the fire while smokejumpers used boats to skip around and secure the fire edge near Little Black River. Crews will continue mopping up the 2,709-acre fire. There are 97 firefighting personnel working on the fire that is burning in an area that is a combination of limited and modified fire management option areas within the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge 16 miles south of Chalkyitsik.

Map of Applevunk Fire in relation to Chalkyitsik.

Map of Applevunk Fire in relation to Chalkyitsik. Click on link 7-9-18 Fire 305 mapfor PDF version of map.

The Applevun Fire also received a bit of rain on Sunday.  Minimal fire behavior was observed with smoldering in tundra, black and white spruce. The 28 firefighters – eight smokejumpers and the Type 1 Chena Interagency Hotshots – secured the edge of the fire and will continue mop up and gridding around. They anticipate to have work wrapped up this week. The lightning-caused fire has burned an estimated 97 acres on Native corporation land in a modified management option area about 10 miles west of Chalkitsik.

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About BLM Alaska Fire Service

The Bureau of Land Management Alaska Fire Service (AFS) located at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, provides wildland fire suppression services for over 244 million acres of Department of the Interior and Native Corporation Lands in Alaska. In addition, AFS has other statewide responsibilities that include: interpretation of fire management policy; oversight of the BLM Alaska Aviation program; fuels management projects; and operating and maintaining advanced communication and computer systems such as the Alaska Lightning Detection System. AFS also maintains a National Incident Support Cache with a $10 million inventory. The Alaska Fire Service provides wildland fire suppression services for America’s “Last Frontier” on an interagency basis with the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Military in Alaska.

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