Last of BLM AFS villages scheduled for EFF medical exam visits

Photo of the Yukon Flats Crew during a morning briefing on Aug. 12, 2018. Photo by Branden Petersen, BLM AFS

The Yukon Flats Crew during a morning briefing on Aug. 12, 2018. Photo by Branden Petersen, BLM AFS.

The remaining villages have been scheduled for visits by a mobile medical unit conducting exams on federal emergency firefighters (EFF) in rural Alaska. Barring any rescheduled dates due to weather, this should be the last schedule for the 28 Alaska villages identified for the mobile medical units visits.

The village, date and location for mobile unit exams are as follows (click on link for request forms):

Starting this year, the BLM Alaska Fire Service is providing medical exams in approximately 28 Alaska villages through the mobile medical units and by scheduled appointments at 18 pre-identified facilities throughout the state in preparation for the 2019 fire season. The goal of implementing the medical standards to increase safety by identifying pre-existing conditions that could be aggravated by the Work Capacity Test (WCT) and the arduous duty of wildland firefighting. This requirement does not apply to Alaska Division of Forestry EFF.

Returning EFF firefighters and rookie candidates need to fill out a exam request form to schedule the medical whether it through the mobile units or at participating clinics in other communities. This form needs to be completed, signed, and faxed to BLM AFS at (907)356-5609 in order to schedule an exam.

The same request form will allow you to schedule an exam at clinics in Fairbanks, Galena, Wasilla, Kenai, Anchorage, Kotzebue, Bethel, Yakutat, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Kodiak and Soldotna. There is no cost to the EFF for the examination, however, if the individual chooses a location other than their local village, BLM AFS will not cover the associated travel costs. Fax the forms to (907)356-5609 at least one week in advance to schedule the exam. Go to WFF Alaska Facilities Map for PDF of clinic locations. 

All Alaska-based federal emergency firefighters, otherwise known as casual hires or administrative determined employees, are hired on an as-needed basis and will need to undergo a medical screening prior to being eligible for work. Those performing arduous duties will need medical exams once every three years and self-certify in between years. The medical screening, established by the Department of the Interior Medical Standards Program (DOI MSP), will screen EFF for any disqualifying medical conditions prior to participating in the pack test. Others performing light and moderate duties need to complete a health screening questionnaire in order to be medically cleared for work (click on link for more information) . Regularly employed AFS firefighters have been adhering to these wildland firefighting medical requirements for years.

Additional paperwork will need to be completed and brought to the appointment.

They are (click on links for forms):
AFS EFF Examinee Instructions
AFS_EFF Medical History Questionnaire
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice Form – 2 18 2016
HIPAA Authorization Form – 2 18 2016

You can also find the forms online on the BLM AFS emergency firefighter page at

Certain individuals may have conditions (click on link for list)which prevent them from participating in the pack test or working as a firefighter, but may apply for and be granted a waiver when there is sufficient evidence to show they can perform the job safely without endangering the health or safety of themselves or others. Please see Medical Exam Instructions for more information.

After the exam is completed, a determination will be made regarding the candidate’s eligibility to participate in the pack test and the arduous duty of wildland firefighting. Medicals need to be performed with plenty of time to participate in the waiver process and get medically cleared to participate in the pack test in the spring.

The BLM AFS provides wildland fire management for the DOI and Native Corporation lands in Alaska and provides oversight of the BLM Alaska aviation program. Firefighter safety, and the safety of the public, is a core value and is fundamental in all areas of wildland fire management.

For more information, EFF candidates can email or call EFF Program at 1-833-532-8810 or (907)356-5897.

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