Two Crews Added to Help on Eagle Fire

The Eagle Fire (#355), burning across the Yukon River from the Village of Eagle in steep, bluffy terrain, has grown to 68 acres. Eight smokejumpers are currently assigned, with two crews and some support overhead expected in Eagle today to augment the efforts. It is considered 17% contained. Smoky conditions and a temperature inversion have been limiting aircraft use until later in the day. The added ground personnel should help greatly with suppression efforts and achieving the goal of full suppression. There is limited level terrain adjacent to the fire area, however, but firefighters are utilizing parachuetted to deliver supplies along the river’s edge. National Park Service personnel in Eagle (Yukon-Charley Park Preserve) have also been assisting with fire support efforts. With firefighting aircraft, especially helicopters on short supply due to the number of Alaska fires, an NPS boat are being used to transport personnel and equipment from Eagle to the fire.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907)356-5511 or email


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