Smoke Congestion and Air Quality Change as Winds Shift

Cooper Landing
Courtesy: Alaska Division of Forestry

Smoke from the Swan Lake Fire, and other wildfires burning throughout Alaska, is impacting air quality throughout the Kenai Peninsula. The level of impact changes daily and sometimes hourly based on wind direction, wind speed, and topography.

A dense smoke advisory remains in effect for the Kenai Peninsula until 1 a.m. on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

People with respiratory issues are encouraged to stay indoors and to limit physical activity if they have to be outside. Plan outdoor activities for times of day when smoke conditions improve.

While inside your home there are ways to help minimize smoke entering the building.

There are several resources available to obtain smoke movement and weather forecasts.

National Weather Service Anchorage Facebook:

National Weather Service Anchorage Twitter:

University of Anchorage Fairbanks Smoke Modeling:

Blue Sky Smoke Movement Forecast Modeling:

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