Moisture helps slow growth of Hess Creek Fire

Decreased temperatures and rain yesterday allowed firefighters to make good progress on the Hess Creek Fire (#324). The fire, located 12 miles northeast of Livengood is now at 87,500 acres. Acreage growth and fire activity was minimal yesterday. The Nevada Incident Management Team has begun implementing their Point Protection Plan. Fire crews on the ground cleared brush around the identified structures, starting with those most at risk.

Today crews divided into multiple groups, focusing on the different areas of priority. One group will continue to work on the Livengood cabins, one group will work on the structures along Elliott Highway, and one group will work on remote cabins.

The fire was less active yesterday thanks to the weather. However, the clouds caused an inversion and smoke settled into the Livengood Creek valley. Smoke will continue to become highly visible from the Elliott Highway and the Livengood area. Residents and visitors will continue to see smoke.

Hot dry weather is expected to return today. Growth of the fire is expected to pick up in the coming days as the vegetation dries out. Winds should be 5-15 mph today and temperatures up to 68 degrees.

Due to the continued fire growth, the public should remain aware of current fire conditions. The fire has begun to impact the White Mountain National Recreation Area.  Know before you go! See the latest information on the Hess Creek Fire here:

Also, as we’re coming into the Fourth of July weekend, the public should be careful that their recreational activities do not ignite a fire.


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