Tanana Zone Fire Update for 7-1-19

Firefighters gratefully endured the bit of rain received over most of the Tanana Zone on Sunday afternoon, courtesy of the passage of a fast-moving cold front. Sunday was a damp day. Monday is dry, but cooler.  By Tuesday, high pressure is expected to strengthen and begin building again.  By the end of the week, the familiar pattern of hot dry weather will be firmly back in place.

There were no new fires in the Tanana Zone yesterday, but there are still a total of 15 active fires. To date this year, 35 fires have burned a total of 23,106 acres.

Here is a rundown of some of the more significant or visible fires in the Zone:

Iksgiza Fire (#318) – Firefighters continue to work on interior portions of this 17 acre fire near Iksgiza Lake. The area is south of the Tanana River, 20 miles southeast of Manley Hot Springs. They have achieved 80% containment.  The fire has not moved or seen any increase in acreage for several days.  Considerable heat was detected Sunday along the left flank. The area experienced rain showers on Sunday afternoon, but the rain had passed by evening.  No rain was received overnight. While rain can suppress fire behavior, it can also make smokes and hotspots more difficult to find.  This fire is burning deep into the ground.  That means that there will be an extended mop up operation before the fire can be called “out.”

Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361) – This 7,701 acre fire, located approximately 14 miles south of the mouth of the Cosna River, received several rain showers Sunday afternoon.  The rain helped to subdue fire behavior and slow the spread.  It also cleared the air of much of the thick layer of smoke, allowing firefighters to see portions of the fire that had been obscured for days.  This morning, firefighters reported fairly clear skies, cooler temperatures and more wind than had been experienced over the past few days. Management direction on this fire stresses point protection. It is in a Limited Suppression area in the Alaska Fire Plan, but firefighters are tasked with protecting cabins and groups of other structures in proximity to the fire as it moves. The closest structures are currently less than a mile from the fire’s edge.  This is where firefighters are concentrating their efforts, utilizing pumps and sprinkler systems as the fire comes closer. This morning firefighters reported having protection equipment in place at 90% of the structures

Foraker Fire (#389) – Five firefighters are working on site preparation for protection of several sites near this 7,535 fire in Denali National Park.  The fire is in a Limited Suppression area, 22 miles southeast of Kantishna.  Some rain was received on the fire Sunday afternoon. While the fire showed some movement earlier in the day, it made no significant runs. Site preparation work is again planned for around nearby cabin sites today.

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