Smoke Forecast for 7-5-19

Special Statement
Heavy smoke impacts in Cooper Landing, Primrose, Seward,
and along the Sterling Highway near the Swan Lake fire today.
CENTRAL/EASTERN INTERIOR: Due to cloud cover the only fires
that were active yesterday were again generally east of
Fairbanks. Clouds are expected to clear today. The intensity of
the fires in the area should increase. Burnouts are planned at
some fires.
SOUTHCENTRAL: The Swan Lake Fire is continuing to see hot
dry conditions. It was active yesterday and is expected to be
active again today. Montana Creek Fire is contributing smoke
in the the upper Susitna valley.
CENTRAL/EASTERN INTERIOR: Light west winds will transport
smoke to the east. The amount of smoke generated that can
impact the Tanana valley should increase today. Little wind on
Saturday. Heavy smoke impacts likely in upper Yukon valley.
SOUTHCENTRAL: Light west-northwest winds and the sea
breeze both influence smoke transport. The Kenai will continue
to see the downwind valleys filled with smoke – especially near
Cooper Landing, Primrose and Seward. The Sterling Highway
south and east of the fire will continue to be a concern.
SOUTHEAST: Light smoke impacts (Moderate/Yellow) continue
in Juneau from the numerous fires to the north in the Yukon.

Smoke map showing location of fires in Alaska.
Smoke Forecast map for 7-5-19

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