Crews on MLK Fire in East Anchorage focused on hazard trees

The Palmer-based Gannet Glacier Type 2 Initial Attack crew and a squad of Anchorage firefighters continue work on the MLK Fire (#423) in East Anchorage, with a special focus on hazard trees. They are working to remove dead standing trees and those with roots weakened by the fire that are at risk of falling.  

An aerial view of the MLK Fire in East Anchorage on 7-5-19.

The fire, which began Tuesday, burned 25 acres in Campbell Park. The cause of the fire has not been determined. The Alaska Division of Forestry and Alaska Fire Department are conducting a joint investigation into the cause. Yesterday they were assisted by Anchorage Police Department investigators who used an Unmanned Aerial System, or drone, to fly over the fire area as part of that investigation.

The vegetation deep within the perimeter of the fire has been largely consumed. However there are unburned fuels and hazardous materials closer to the perimeter that have presented challenges to control of the fire. In addition, there are areas of peat bog where the fire burned deep that continue to hold heat. The fire is likely to continue sending up smoke for several days. The Incident Commander on the fire is confident that the perimeter is secure. Fire personnel will remain on the scene for about another week checking for hot spots.

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