Fewer fires staffed in Tanana Zone

 This is a map of the Tanana Zone Fires map.
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Firefighters were demobilized from two fires in the Tanana Zone on Wednesday as fire activity diminished slightly. Regionally, however, thunderstorms continued through the night in the Alaska Range, the eastern Yukon Flats, and part of the Brooks Range. Isolated thunderstorms are forecast for the eastern interior. A cold front is moving through tonight and some fires in the Tanana Zone are already experiencing the effects of stronger winds from the west associated with the front. Also, firefighters in the Tanana Zone are investigating hot spots showing up on satellite imagery from thunderstorms during the night.

Of the 1.66 million acres burned statewide to date, 213,000 acres have burned in the Tanana Zone from 32 fires. Twenty-three fires are currently active, including one new small fire detected by satellite on Wednesday.

Below are descriptions of the remaining three staffed fires within the Tanana Zone along with the “final word” on two other fires. (Grouse Creek and Twin Ponds are being managed as one fire.):

South Base (#555) – 18 acres, no firefighters, final report unless further activity occurs

The South Base Fire, which had been burning about 4 miles southeast of Bettles, has been extinguished. 

Grouse Creek (#485) and Twin Ponds (#486) – 8,500 acres, 95 firefighters

The Grouse Creek and Twin Pond fires are burning about 6 miles northeast of Rampart. The smoke inversion is continuing to moderate fire behavior on both the Grouse Creek and Twin Ponds fires, but some pockets of spruce within the perimeter occasionally torch. The fire is backing to the south. Crews continue to assess and protect structures and the allotments at fish camp and Alfred’s cabin. Eight smokejumpers will be released to their base today.  A Community meeting is scheduled at 3:00 PM in Rampart today to discuss an evacuation plan being developed in case the fire threatens Rampart.

Bergman Creek Fire (#312) – 47,000 acres, 54 firefighters 

Fire behavior increased again on Wednesday as winds picked up from the southwest and no precipitation fell on the fire area. The fire was most active along the west side and at the northern tip as the fire mostly backed against the wind. Eight smokejumpers were flown out in the afternoon to await a new assignment, and the Lewis and Clark and Ohio crews remain. The Bergman Creek Fire is located 29 miles northeast of Hughes.

Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361) – 32,744 acres, no firefighters, “Monitor” status, final report unless further activity occurs

The Lloyd Mountain Fire is burning 30 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs. No perimeter growth has been noted since heavy rains fell on July 12th, and the fire is now in “monitor” status. This will be the final report unless further protection of private lands is needed. 

Foraker Fire (#389) – 46,294 acres, 5 firefighters

The Foraker Fire #389 is located in Denali National Park and was started by lightning on June 26th. It is estimated at 46,294 acres and is burning 18 miles west of Kantishna. The north side of the fire received a fair amount of precipitation and fire activity has been limited to torching in the interior of the south side of the fire. The incident commander flew the fire Wednesday and reported that Slippery Creek cabin has not been affected by the fire and the plumbing system will remain in place for changing fire conditions. Firefighters plan to start backhauling pumps, hose and sprinklers from the Birch Creek Cabin today. 

Multiple sources of information on smoke are located on the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center Air Quality web page.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907) 356-5511 or email 2019.AFS.FIRES@gmail.com.


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